Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our first braai

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A "braai" (pronounced "rye" with a B in front) is in S.African terms what a "bar-bee" is to the Ozzies or a BBQ (sic) is to the S'poreans.

Gaye had given Kelly a belated birthday Weber at the start of the summer and we decided to finally make use of it this past weekend (test it out before inviting people round). Deee-lish! We slapped on the chicken and Broewors (don't even ask me how to pronounce this, but I think it's "Broo-er-vors")... aiyah, sausage then say sausage lah... it's so long that it's curled up like a snake (it's kinda sic coz it really looks like a large intestine on the grill. ick.) and kinda tastes like there's either nutmeg or star anise in it.

My belly had a hard time processing all that meat... felt like my entire gut was gonna explode from indigestion for a good 3 hours! (next time we'll throw shrimp on the bar-bee).

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