Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pre-Christmas Dinner

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Work shuts down between 22 Dec - 1 Jan, so on the first day of our holiday we drove out to Paarl, the wineland area, where Kelly's friend's dad has a holiday home on a golfing estate. Tim's dad very kindly let all of us hang out there the entire weekend. How generous?

Pearl Valley's beautiful... the guys ended up playing golf while the girls went food shopping and cooking (of course). In the end we had Gammon and Chicken (turkeys were all sold out) in a massive pre-Christmas feast; the start of 12 days of non-stop eating.

Learnt a cooking tip: halve a pineapple and scoop out most the flesh. Put mayo and honey in it, wrap it up in Glad Wrap and refrigerate. By the end of the day the mayo would've soaked up the pineapple flavour. Voila! Dipping sauce for gammon ham. :)

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