Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finally, the freaking spiral staircase is underway: Day 1

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After 7 months (Vive l'afrique!) of waiting, the guys finally came to start work on installing this staircase. Go South African efficiency! Hip hip hoorah! (of course Kelly had to personally storm into their workshop just after the new year and hiss & spit before these guys finally rocked up). At least they were apologetic, and there's been a hint a discount will be offered. Vive l'afrique! Now comes a full week of dirt, dust and disruption before life is beautiful all over again.

Day 1: the current staircase has been dismantled (ie., blowtorched to high heaven) and taken away... we can't make our way upstairs at all and since we can't watch TV, we're both sat in bed right now surfing the internet. Check the album on the left for daily photo updates.

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