Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Patio Table's here

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We finally got off our bums and went to look for a proper patio table for the balcony (up until today we'd been using a pail turned upside down as a makeshift table of sorts).

It was hot, we weren't really in the mood to shop, so we picked up the first SMALLEST table we could find (6 months ago we were adamant that we didn't want a wooden table and look at where we are now). It's a wooden table. It came with 2 chairs Kelly wanted to throw away, but it actually kinda works with our pseudo-designer plastic chairs.

If you look closely in the other corner, we've also got a mini Weber barbeque set, courtesy of Gaye. I think we can finally invite people around for a braai (aka barbeque) now that we can put plates down on something other than a pail!

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