Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cuckoo Cape Weather

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This is how infuriating the weather here can be. One moment it's bright, sunny skies and the next, it's storming like you'd never seen before (that's why it used to be called the Cape of Storms).

I now have an insurance claim to deal with on one of my shoots. Both pictures here are taken on the same day, just 7hrs apart. The foggy, misty one is on top of Table Mountain - where the fog is in the pic is usually a glorious backdrop of the city bowl and the ocean below it (it's so high up that your ears pop as you're driving up the mountain).

We had to find an alternative location an hour away and were checking the forecast every hour, which kept predicting sunny skies in the afternoon. We couldn't really believe it until it actually happened... and the weather turned in just half an hour.

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