Monday, May 24, 2010

Therapeutic Blue Underpants & Mysore Registration

Hello again from Amsterdam! (Sorry, that post title combo is still cracking me up.)

HAHAHAHA! Yes, I am back here again. Basically, at the end of the work day on Friday in London, we were told we weren't needed in the edit suite till 3 days later, Tuesday morning, the following week. So I deliberated - stay in London over the weekend or head back? Heading back to Amsterdam would've worked out cheaper for the job too (see, I am ever the Producer here)... but to be honest, I was sick and tired of staying in a soulless hotel room with windows that can't open. The thought of possibly staying sick in bed with a cold there just gave me the heeby-jeebies and I was outta there on the first flight out on Saturday morning.

I am coming to a realization about myself. Much as I love the buzz and vibe of London, I think I'm getting old coz it all just gets to be TOO MUUUUUUUCH after more than a week there! I realized this after touching down in provincial little Amsterdam... I was really glad to be in a place that had less people, zero billboards and surrounded by water all over. Boy was I glad to have flown back. :)

I think maybe I missed having my morning routine of ginger lemon tea and muesli with soy milk. You can't quite make your own breakfast in a hotel, and looking at the room service prices just makes me lose my appetite anyway. Even though it could all be expensed on the job, it just doesn't feel right to be paying so much for a simple meal. Know what I mean?

So what have I been doing the past couple of days? In between blowing my snotty nose and resting at home (ie: watching TV), I'd get my arse off the couch and go for a walkabout when I got cabin fever. I think I watched too many episodes of makeover shows like "How to look good naked" and "What not to wear" while on the couch, coz I suddenly got a bee in my bonnet about... er... my underwear.


Y'know those terrible makeover show hosts ALWAYS do that? They raid the poor Before/After Lady's wardrobe and ALWAYS, ALWAYS make fun of her grandma knickers, bras with holes and any undergarment that's short of "stylish". Not like I'm planning to take part in any makeover reality show soon, but I suddenly got panic'd about the state of the stuff that's sitting in my underwear drawer. The fact that I couldn't remember when the last time was that I'd gone bra & knicker shopping meant that it was time to TURF IT ALL OUT!

See... I HAVE been watching too many makeover shows. HAHAHA.

I contemplated taking a picture of my haul, but that would just be a wee bit too close for comfort. Nobody's allowed to picture me in my underpants.

What really struck me was the overwhelming majority of what I bought was in the colour blue. OK I confess: I didn't buy JUST underwear... got some summer tops and scarves too and EVERYTHING was some shade of blue to it. It wasn't a conscious decision at all, I just gravitated to those colours. I wonder if there's something Ayurvedic about that? ...I mean, I've got a cold and sore throat and blue is the colour of the 5th/ throat chakra. Right?

Maybe that's why I felt better after that retail therapy... I got me some colour therapy at the same time!

I've been a bad yogi. Haven't felt well enough to practice... but then come to think of it - I've been out SHOPPING?! Tsk tsk. Thing is, every time I get into a downward dog, my nose gets ultra-blocked and I can't breathe at all! And breathing through the mouth feels WEIRD. So... then what? (yes yes, I've gotta find me a neti pot.)

But in the meantime, I did the next best thing other than physically practicing yoga. I thought about practicing the yoga. Hehe. And I finally printed out the registration form for KPJAYI. And filled it up, ready to head to the post office tomorrow.

Yes folks, I am finally knuckling down and... GOING TO MYSORE!!!! For 2 months in September. WOOHOOOO!! Yes, that's TWO MONTHS. Coz I've been convinced that one month is not enough. And yes, this is also my first trip to Mysore... I figured: Go large. Heh.

Of course, I've gotta wait till they reply and tell me if they've got a place for me or not, but I finally pulled my thumb out and filled up that registration form. Not like it's a difficult form to fill, mind you. I was gobsmacked impressed at the brevity of this thing. It's just like a traditional led Primary class: brief and to the point. But I'd been stalling for a couple weeks now in filling it up coz... I dunno, maybe I'm nervous? I'm nervous to FILL UP THE FORM! HAHAHA!

Can I please confess what an absolute DORK I am? I was so excited to fill up the one-page form (with only like, 5 lines of info on it)... that I kinda messed up the spelling of my name.

Is that "M" or "N" or... am I just retarded?

So I printed out a brand new form to start over again. Coz it had to be PERFECT. Y'know, coz it would have been completely dorkier to have to use Tip-ex (or Liquid Paper) to white-out over my own name. There I go, completely over-analysing this simple one-pager that KPJAYI only uses to make their administration process easier... whoever picks up the form probably wouldn't give a toss how my name's spelt (they'd probably misspell it like everyone else anyway - Jamie)... and I've gone and stressed myself out, wasting a piece of paper in the process, making mountains out of molehills.

Hey, I'm a Mysore virgin. So shut up! I'm excited. OK?

The last thing on the bottom of the form made me laugh. The line says: "Please, keep this form clear of any unrelated comment."

See... there are other people who are more chronic than me, prompting a footnote just like that. It made me wonder what kind of nonsense they've received before to have included such a clause in the form. HAHA.

TA-DAH! Completed form. It's a no-brainer. Please excuse the awkward blacked-out lines. I've just realized that on this Mac I've got no Photoshop for tweaking my pictures. Ah, the irony... my PC had Photoshop Elements on it but not this Mac.

Who cares?! I'm (applying to) go to Mysore!
P.S. I'm back to London again tomorrow morning so will get to see the UK yogis again this weekend. :)


  1. wow!!! that is some exciting news!!! i'm sure you'll LOVE every minute of it!!! 2 months!!! wow is all I can say right now....

  2. Cant wait until I get to fill that form in, you are making me want to just quit this poxy job and go.

    Looks like YP will be closed next weekend, but also that The Lifecentre is open both Saturday and Sunday, I'll be there Saturday.

  3. I know Lilli! I'm not sure if I can handle it, but keep reminding myself "it's just 2 hours of the day, not the WHOLE day". I mean... yoga teacher training was a whole month but for a full solid 12 hours a day for the month. So... I reckon I can psyche myself into this. *famous last words*

    Also - my friend who's my first ashtanga teacher and been going there religiously every year convinced me to go for longer than a month... So, I'll listen to her. ;p

    Kev - aww, closed? (but so will the train line right? haha!) So AYL on Sunday then? I can do that! Saturday will be hanging out with my brother and his missus. Hmm... but they live close to TLC. Hmm... lemme think about this. :)

  4. This title cracked me up too, I was like, "What do underpants have to do with Mysore?!?!". Thanks for enlightening me ;)

    Good on you for filling up that form, hope you get a spot because I can't wait to read your take on the experience! Get well soon.

  5. AYL is having Moon day on Friday, which makes me wonder if they will close until the Tuesday after the holiday, not been able to find out.

    You could do practice at TLC and be back with your bro before they get outta bed!

  6. Hey Jamie er Jaime ;-)

    loved the post! All that back and forth does sound hectic. Some good friends from Brighton will be in Mysore come September too, who knows you may even meet them!

    The bit about the form filling made me smile too :-)


  7. Every time I have to fill in a form I do something reeeeally stupid like spell my own name wrong - I think forms just make perfectly good brains short-circuit :)
    And you already know I'm going to get into in trouble at work for reading your blog at my desk and laughing too much...

  8. Thanks Danielle! I find it really odd that you have to email the shala for their rates, and they respond straight away... but you still have to snail-mail the form through regular post. I wonder why you can't just send everything electronically now!

    Kev - Will be at AYL tomorrow hopefully, so will ask them for Sunday schedule. But I may end up at TY in the end. LOL! Too many options, I love it! (Finally!)

    Gstar - cool! Love how the ashtanga world's so small and tight-knit. I'm sure I'll meet your friends while there. :)

    Mel - I'm usually OK with filling forms (all those immigration landing/ departure cards are locked down in a minute flat while standing in the queue!) So it's funnier that this simple one was messed up on the first go. I'm blaming the pen. It was a new one I was using. ;)

  9. congratulations, sweetie. i'll probably have to wait until retirement to have the luxury. my financial advisor called my last period of unemployment a "premium holiday" because i took a vacation from paying a premium on a financial contract. but a real premium holiday would be to go to Mysore, or Bali, or Hawaii or somethin'

  10. Thanks Arturo! I'll be unemployed then which is why I figured it'd be the best time to take some time off to do what I've been gagging to do. Funny innit, we need money for a premium holiday but in order to take one for a good length of time, you can't actually hold a proper job. For now, I'm not complaining. :)

  11. Congratulations! That is truly awesome. And I have done the same dorky spell-own-name-wrong trick.

  12. Yeah!!! Congrats on your first step. Wish I could go too. Getting back to my morning practice been a while since Sydney. See u soon xo Swee

  13. Hey Sweester! Come to Amsterdam! Can't say there's much to offer by way of morning mysore though. But there's a lot of everything else! Xxx


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