Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Papped The Killers

...or at least attempted to.
("Papped" is now my official verb for "pulling a papparazzi"... y'know... when you sneak a picture like the paps do. See, it also can be used as a noun.) *word nerdiness over*

I make a terrible papparazzi. But I'm blaming my Blackberry's slow response time to take photos.

There I was, waiting in the hotel lobby for some stragglers on my team to come down before heading out to work. And there they were. The Killers. Checking out.

In all honesty, I have no idea what they look like. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Someone on my team pointed them out. This was the same guy who had also hung out with them in the hotel bar the night before. And arm-wrestled the drummer. What a stupid idea, of course he lost (my guy, not the drummer!)

Anyways... so a bunch of well-dressed but very hairy guys (with flat-tonged hair, I might add) in super skinny jeans were standing around in front of us, while we were sat on the lips couch. I kid you not - the couch is a pair of lips.

And I was trying to make it look like I was on my Blackberry while I was trying to pap them. But with the lousy Blackberry camera, you need to hold the phone in position for 5 seconds before you get a clear shot. There's no way that would look like I was innocent. Nobody will pay me for these photos, I'm sure.

This is one of The Killers' legs, on the left.

So I tried again, but the stupid phone camera makes a LOUD *SNAP* sound as it's taking a picture so of course I had to put it away quickly. And got this shot instead.

That's an arty shot of The Killers.

We went to the bar to go pick up more stragglers before heading out, and as we were walking to the entrance I tried again! You can kinda sorta see the guy on the left in black. Y'know... the one in skinny jeans and flat-tonged long hair. You just can't see his hairy beard coz his face is turned away.

Papparazzi FAIL.


  1. hi Skippetty,
    haha i like how you fezz up with the bad pics. yesterday i saw a french family piled into one of those 1940s motorcycles with side rider. the kid was hanging on the back of the dad. i wanted to papp them so badly and didn't have my camera. have seen the pics of the lips sofa.

    word verif, "immisqu" - missed cue.

  2. That's cool. In Vietnam, I saw a family of 5, yes FIVE on the back of a scooter. It was precarious. Oh, and i've also seen a guy transporting a pane of window glass on the side of his scooter. Like - the glass window was longer and wider than his scooter... I dunno how these people do it!

  3. ooh I like the word 'papped', going to add it to my lingo whenever I'm in LA :) Your papp shots are very artsy though, I like!

  4. Ha! I suspect you're biased, but I'll take the compliment. :p


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