Friday, May 28, 2010

Pratyahara Over Water

Look what I found! The Yoga Slackers were in Amsterdam.

They're basically people who do yoga on a slackline (kinda like a tightrope). Found the video on the original article here.

What a gorgeous shot! That's some serious pratyahara and dharana going on there.


  1. That's really awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

    Balance has always been my nemesis in yoga. So I doubt I'd take this sort of practice on. Can't say I'd be too keen to go for a dip in garbage infested waters though!!

  2. I practiced (plain ol' Mysore practice -- not slacklining) with them in Tucson, AZ. Really kind, generous people.

  3. hi Skippetty
    amazing. i first thought it was photoshopped. the video is coming too slow for me, but it could be the time of the day in which i'm watching it.

  4. Hey svasti, I hear you! The bit where the guy's wobbling is a nail-biting moment indeed!

    Karen - cool, didn't know they taught ashtanga too!

    Arturo - at first I thought it was gimmicky (I mean c'mon, yoga on a slackline, what next?) But seeing it in motion there's something to be said about the focus required.

  5. love that second picture, want one.


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