Thursday, May 20, 2010


It had to happen. I am officially sick. It started with a sore throat between my ears and then a runny nose. But I ran over to Boots (BOOTS! I LOVE BOOTS!) and was loaded up with all kinds of chemicals, so seemed to be OK yesterday.

Right before a major client presentation this afternoon, I had to race back to my hotel room coz I felt like I was either going to pass out or throw up. I think sitting in stuffy edit suites with zero ventilation doesn't help as well.

It now feels like I've got a fever that needs to break. BLERGHHHH.

Was gonna fly back to Amsterdam tomorrow for the weekend, but since we have to be back here again on Monday morning and I'm not exactly in the best travelling state, I think I'm gonna stay put in London.

I can't figure out how to open the double-glazed windows in this room either. Dear Lord, I just need some fresh air, please!

Needless to say, no chance to practice the past couple of days. :(

On a less WahWahWah, poor me note... I spotted this sign that made me laugh. Some how the thought of Queen Victoria and rifles just seems so disconnected and random.


  1. Bummer sorry your sick, you should ask someone about the window, especially now your staying. Take care and get better soon.

  2. Nothing is worse than being sick...

    Tuck yourself in and get some rest (hopefully with open windows). Feel better soon!!

  3. :( :(
    Sorry you're feeling so crappy, I hope it blows right over and you feel better really quickly.. Windows that don't open drive me NUTS, in hotels they often don't, what is up with that?!

  4. Thanks guys! I just feel sorry for poor housekeeping who has to come into my germ-infested room. Ick! I'll be spreading my disease unwittingly.

    Feeling better today but feel a cough developing now. This is a proper flu! At least I'll get to lie in tomorrow. :)


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