Monday, May 17, 2010

Yogi Tea Party Weekend

Had a very nice weekend!

London is PROPER SHOPPING, and I thought I was about to have a nosebleed or pass out from excitement at simply looking at the store windows. HAHAHA.

On Saturday evening, I had dinner with Mel and Sam. Coz Sam had to rush off to take the train home, I forgot to take photos. Oops.

Then yesterday, after morning practice at YP, taught by the one and only Susan (she said I have a nice practice, YAY!) (at least that's what I THINK she said. HA), we all had breakfast, then moved over to another joint around the corner to have lunch. HAHAHA! I think we must've been sat around for at least 5 hours chatting and eating.

Good times with the London Ashtanga bloggers. We all took turns taking THE SAME photo. I think that's about 5 photos with the number of cameras we had. But there are variations coz the person taking the picture didn't end up in the shot of course. We didn't think to ask our bossy waitress to take ONE group shot where we all appeared in it at the same time. HAHAHA.

Here's my shot.

(From left to right: Helen, Kevin, Mel, Jenn, Angeline (aka AC), Susan)

Here's Kevin's shot.

Here's Jennifer's shot.
(Dudes, does Jenn have a blog? I dunno her link!)

And when Mel and Susan post their photos of the SAME SUBJECT, I'll link to them too. We can have a photo-off on who takes the best shot. Heh. (My flash was off, so I lose already.)

I've tagged this under "yoga - inspiration" coz that's what you all are to me. Thank you for a great day. :)


  1. Jaime,

    It was a great day, so glad you made it to London again and had more time. We should have got the bossy waitress to take a group photo, tho like that you have included a few of the others.

  2. Mine came out really funny, Jen and Helen seem to have a spotlight on them and the rest of us are all in the dark! Weird. However, in the three published so far, I have my eyes open in ALL of them, that's got to be a record! Mind if I post the one of you as you were leaving?

    If I gave up my Sunday class I could have lazy breakfast too... so tempting...

    Hope to see you again this weekend, or at least soon!!

  3. PS sorry you didn't get lots of juicy assists, that was really busy for a Sunday!!

  4. Hey, it was great to meet you. Sorry I missed you leaving this morning think I was in the land of dristi. Jen does not have a blog. She used to live in the same city as me and has just started practicing at yoga place so I invited her along. Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit.

  5. Thanks globie, great seeing you again. I might actually be around till this weekend.

    Susan- sure post it if I don't look fat. Ha! Thank you for the adjustments though - parsvokonasana was a nice adjust. Its been a long time since anyone's adjusted me in that and it was nice to be reminded of the length and body rotation.
    I did supta k twice coz I was looking over at you, wondering if you'd come over to get a proper bind behind my back! But you were really busy! Well done though, you handled a busy room all by yourself. :)

  6. Helen! You wrote your comment as I posted mine! You didn't see me today because I was still in bed. Hahaha! I ended up snoozing for a while and when I finally woke up, it was 8.30am. I must've been exhausted. Hope you had a nice practice

  7. Oh dear... missing people's supta k's will not do!! Arghh...

  8. Hey Jaime, so funny I tried to look around for you but couldn't find you. You must have needed the sleep, you've been very busy! I had a lie in today too as I have a cold. Practice wasn't so great Monday as the cold was creeping in but I did it all and it was great to check with H, really excited about my week there next month.

    Susan, give yourself a break, often everyone gets to those poses at once, sounds like you did a great job!

  9. Susan! You were massively busy and there were so many new people in the class. You did very well for a busy day. I was just being selfish in wanting an assist. :p

    Hope you get better soon Helen. Sorry you're not well. Was back there again today... I really like the vibe there, I'd be looking forward to having a week there too if I were you! :)

  10. p.s. Jen has caved under peer-pressure and has a blog now too!


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