Sunday, December 6, 2009

Post-Urban Remedy Detox Cleanse

Ahhhhhhhh... Back to food. :) :) :)

The guys at Urban Remedy recommend eating only fruit the day after the cleanse, to help ease your digestive system back onto food, then the 2nd day after, raw salads and dairy, then 3 days after fish/ seafood, then 4 days after you can get back onto meat.

So on Saturday morning, first day after the detox, I headed to the kitchen highly anticipating breakfast which I had specially hand-picked from the supermarket the day before. ...A MANGO. HAHAHA. I never thought I'd ever be so excited to eat a mango.

Funny thing is, when I picked it up and held it in my hand, it was the size of my fist. I remember reading somewhere that any regular meal you eat should be about the size of your fist (No, SERIOUSLY). So then I paused and thought "uh-oh, I haven't had anything in my belly for 3 days. I think anything the size of a regular meal (ie. fist-size... ie. that mango) would probably be too much to handle!

So I put down the mango and picked up a handful of cherries instead. Hey, I'm practising mindful eating, y'all! Oddly enough, I was AFRAID to eat the cherries... y'know, to tarnish all the good that I'd been doing so far. I had a split-second thought of "maybe I should've done the 5-day cleanse to continue getting rid of all these toxins!" I wasn't quite ready to give up the detox yet (I was also secretly afraid I would lose my Supta Kurmasana bind. Hehe.)

But of course, soon enough I was surfing the interwebs, catching up on blogs, the usual Saturday morning lazing around... then one handful of cherries turned into the entire bowl full of cherries. Gulp. Well... berries are supposed to be easy to digest! (Never mind that cherries aren't berries... they're almost similar. So there.)

I tried munching on some Kellogg's Special K about an hour later (I munch them dry, like eating potato crisps), but within 2 minutes, my belly was in slight spasms, like it didn't know what to do with this alien stuff inside it, so I promptly put it away. I just wanted something to crunch on!!

For the next half of the day, I attended a couple of jewellery-making workshops (will save this for a different post - I think I've found a new hobby!), so I bought a smoothie along the way (Orange, pineapple, spirulina & mint. Pretty healthy and yummy too!)... and didn't have lunch.

I finally had that mango in the late afternoon and all was well... So when we went out for dinner with a couple of friends later that evening, I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and graduate onto a tofu salad and edamame beans. All was still well, no complaints from the digestive department. Yay!

Today, I'm back onto eating what I usually eat now - had some veggie dumplings at lunch and no digestive problems.

Oh... and... if you must know, the moment I started having solid food again, my #2 friend is back in proper action. What goes in must come out, I suppose. Haha.

I'm feeling well, no terrible side-effects from clearing out the toxins - just a mild headache when I stopped coffee. Oh, incidentally, I still haven't had coffee. YET. Come to think of it, in the last 2 days since I've been off the cleanse, I haven't even thought of reaching for the coffee mug. I suspect this will all change once the work week begins. Heh.

So my friends... that pretty much wraps up my super-long review of the Urban Remedy detox drink & delivery service. I would highly, highly recommend it. If you're unsure of a Level 1, 2, 3 or 1, 3 or 5-day cleanse, definitely get in touch with Emma at the company who will be able to recommend the right cleanse for you. If you're not on Twitter, you can also use the contact form on their website for more details.

I've been most impressed with the speed with which they get back to you with answers to silly questions (and you know how chronic I get, with LOTS of silly questions... they humoured every single one of them). It's a system that's been really well-thought out and well-planned. I give it 2 thumbs up!

If there's one thing I would suggest to Urban Remedy, it's to consider starting the 5-day cleanse on Wednesday and deliver drinks for the last 2 days on Friday evening, so people can spend the last 2 days of the cleanse at home. One of the reasons I chickened out from doing the full 5 days was coz they only start it on a Monday... and I wasn't sure if I could handle a full 5-day work week on a complete juice cleanse. (You wanna be kind to yourself and take it a bit easier, y'know?'s all psychological too!)

If there's just one thing I would suggest to you if you're doing the cleanse, it's to use flaxseed oil from Day 1 of your cleanse, or even psyllium husk, as mentioned in yesterday's post.

Oh, and the other thing is - recycle your cooler bags! You're not gonna need ALL of them, so be nice and give them back! I wonder if they'll take back their custom-made plastic bottles for recycling too? I'm looking at the mountain of bottles sitting in my recycling bin and thinking "that's A LOT of plastic!"

Anyways, if you decide to get on this cleanse, I would LOVE to hear all about it, we can trade "war stories", so let me know. And Happy Detoxing! (I'm off to eat another mango now. Nomnomnom).


  1. Congratulations on completing your cleanse!

    I started today, and let me tell you, I'm hungry. I have a growling empty stomach. It didn't make matters much better when someone at yoga told me YESTERDAY that I was too skinny. I hadn't even started yet! It made me think, oh maybe I shouldn't be doing this. One day at a time. Sounds like all kinds of good things happened to you though!!

  2. The worse times for me all 3 days were mid-morning... I ended up er... chewing on the back of my pen. Completely gross, but it was a distraction. :p Once you get past lunchtime it's actually a lot easier. Do you have the #6 drink of cashew & coconut on the Level 2 cleanse too? Take a few sips of that. That really helped me get through the day! (I stole sips of #6 before starting each new drink!)

    Anne - it's only 3 days! You're not gonna lose a massive amount of weight unless you've got hypermetabolism! Just think of the good you're doing to clear out the yuckiness from your body. (I reckon it's the people who usually over-eat who would lose a massive amount of weight, since there's more of a difference between pre-cleanse and during-cleanse).

    YOU CAN DO IT! xxx

  3. Thanks, J. I just sent you a message. I've already gotten into my #6 coconut drink. I don't want to drink too much of it because then I won't have anything for tonight!!

    I think I can do it for 3 days, but I may not be able to limit myself on Day 4. Healthy yes, fruit-only, no! We'll see.

  4. Hey!! I am on day 3/5 of the level 3 cleanse and feeling amazing. I was just googling to find an image for a blog update and found your post!! You still off the coffee? I'm hoping not to start drinking it again.

  5. Hey Mary! Was off the coffee for about a month, then went back to it happily again. I went on another caffeine detox for about a month last month again. And when I felt "it was time", I started drinking it again. The way I see it - coffee's not a bad thing. "No coffee, no prana". HAHA! Hey, even Krishnamacharya drank 5 cups of coffee a day! (But 5 cups is a bit much.) I enjoy my coffee, so I'm not gonna be masochistic about abstaining from it. But the occasional detox works for me. :)

    FIVE DAYS! WOOOOOO! I remember feeling like I was flying on Day 3. My yoga practices were the absolute strongest I'd ever had too! Good luck on your cleanse and I hope you'll blog the experience. :) xxx


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