Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Official

I am a...

(There I go, cam-whoring... AGAIN!)

And of course you can get your official #yogadork tshirt/ tank top/ mug/ sticker etc. from the original YogaDork here.

And check out the other #yogadork fan photos on YD's Facebook fan page here.

It is f*%king busy at the office coz I have been piled on with all sorts of S&#T 2 days before Christmas. Like... ?!?!?????

So I will have to keep today's post short and sweet.


  1. hi Skippety, oh neat, you updated your picture. cute.

  2. Pretty girl! I like the tank. Is the necklace one of your new creations?

    My work is busy too, of course right before Christmas...ugh!

  3. Thanks guys, you're too kind! And yes KMB, that necklace was the very first one I made - learnt how to link at the workshop and made that particular necklace. Now that I'm queen of linking and have finished more pieces (see today's post)... I actually went back to this necklace and cleaned up all my previous links (now that I can see the difference in quality). Oh, and I'm also slightly OCD, evidently. :)


    I might have to get one of those t-shirts too...


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