Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Girly Things, Handstands & Core Strength

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how I've started getting into jewelry-making, and how I'd made these pair of earrings to wear with my bridesmaid's dress at one of my best friends' wedding at the end of this year (Bali, here I come! WOOOOOT!)

So the earrings are a little bit too DRAMA for the other 2 bridesmaids (we're all wearing the same strapless turquoise/ teal taffeta dresses), but they requested I make them some jewelry to go with their dresses too.

As an aside, getting the Ann Taylor dresses to 3 bridesmaids all over the world (Try: USA, Singapore, Australia. Oh, and the bride's in the UK) was a mission and a half but thank the stars we got them all in time and everyone's had a chance to alter their dresses already. I can't seem to link to a bigger picture, but you can see the dress in full here

Geez, I feel like I'm in a chapter of Pride and Prejudice or something... y'know... when Elizabeth Bennett and her posse get all excited over choosing fabrics and gems to make outfits for the many soirees they're attending.

So off I went to the bead store again. I thought I'd make everyone different pieces, but use the same Swarovski crystals and Czech glass.

And here's what I've got after a couple of night's work (plus I had missing pieces and not enough findings/ spacers and the like and had to traipse to and from the store a couple more times in between...)

Sam requested a really simple one-strand necklace since she likes things fuss-free (and she doesn't have pierced ears either). And this is her necklace:

She wants it a little shorter, so I'll bring my tools with and customize the length to exactly as she'd like it. Beadmeister to the rescue!

And Caroline didn't mind a necklace/ earring set so here's what she got:

Not bad for a couple nights' work. (Hmm... I'm actually preferring Caro's necklace to my earrings now. Pfft!)

With barely a week to the wedding (and requisite hen's night. EEK!) I'm up to my eyeballs with organizing stuff. Does anyone have any good suggestions on what happens at a hen night? We're renting a private villa for the night and organizing a goddess ritual blessing for the bride (at her request)... but after that... er... WHAT?!

Do you play games or sit around and chat? (If yes to games - WHAT?!) We don't particularly want to get her completely off her face since the wedding will be 2 days later. Plus, getting shit-faced isn't exactly a meaningful send-off from singlehood, is it? (OK, I'm showing what a goody-2-shoes dork I am here, right?) I just feel it ought to be more meaningful than getting drunk (if albeit elegantly wasted.)

On to today's practice update. After dropbacks, Teacher said "Handstands". Yippee! As you may recall, a few months ago, one of Teacher's Assistants stopped me from doing handstands altogether "Not until you can at least dropback" was what she had explained. I was having trouble bunny-hopping straight up with both legs anyway - not enough core strength! (We are in no way allowed to kick up with one leg. Must use both legs at the same time!)

I was extremely hesitant, but surprisingly, today's bunny-hop up felt easy, and finding that point of balance seemed OK too (although it was very much assisted with Teacher's hand guiding my legs, of course). Susananda was right when she commented recently that once Sirsasana is strong, handstands will become a bit easier. I have been holding Sirsasana for much longer than before and coming down to legs at 90 degrees direct from Sirsasana as much as I can (I used to take a rest in between. I still do this sometimes, but trying to do away with it).

And I've been finding more core strength in Sirsasana which kicked in during Handstand balancing today. Funny how some poses affect the other poses (in a good way).


  1. Great job on the beading! It's so cool that your jewelry will be a part of your friend's wedding... she'll always see it when she looks back at photos! awww.

    I don't know what to suggest at a hen's night out, or whatever it's called. I would think just sitting around and talking would be a lot of fun (I don't drink either). I guess she probably doesn't want to gorge on chocolate either- no bride wants to be busting out of her dress on the day of the wedding!

  2. Hi Skippetty, love the work, beautiful!, next step... selling it on the the e-bay of home made jewlery and art

  3. Nice tip from Kino's intermediate dvd. When you in hasta padangusthasana and pada hastasana shift your weight over to your toes and notice how that brings your hips further forward, try to fix that in your head and body, makes all the difference for going up into handstand.

  4. Thanks Liz! Grr... the quest for sorting out a friggin' hen's night in a foreign land continues.

    Claudia - Thanks for the suggestion! And yeah, I'm kinda toying with the Etsy idea (I can lose hours on that site from all the weird and wonderful things on there!) ...but feel like I wanna make more pieces first and gain more experience with different materials before deciding what I wanna sell. (I've had one of my tweeps already interested in making an order for Caroline's necklace!) ;p

    Grimm - weight over toes in hasta padangusta+hastasana is what you're taught in most led classes from the get-go. Or at least in the led classes I've been to anyways... and in getting me to bunny-hop up to handstand, Teacher also says to hop the hips over shoulders (which makes the hop up much easier!). So that kinda helps me in the head, but I think my issue is finding that point of balance where everything lines up - from the toes to the legs, to the hips to the core etc. Plus this friggin' pelvic rotation doesn't help (well that's my excuse anyway!) But lemme think of the hip weight-shift a bit more the next time I get to do this again. Thanks!

  5. Yeas she says move your pelvis/sacrum over your toes in the first one but then in the second one she suggests moving it 'even further forward' . made a big difference to me, in Sunsals when I jump forward i bring my pelvis to the same place and have that floaty hovering above the mat and lowering softly, very cool. Pelvis in space was a big thing for me a while backr,got it from Lydia on Being with yoga (blog). It's as if the pelvis is the only thing you have to worry/think about, get that right and everything else seems to come into line


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