Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not So Fast! Yoga CatZ Before I Go!

Interesting comments from yesterday's post about the weird split I got. Read them here and add to it if you know why (is it an oldskool practice? Is it to shorten the practice?)

This is why I need to take a break from my computer. I have 1 hour until I leave for the airport, but I just had to post what I found: A Yoga Cat Calendar.

By the same people who brought out the Yoga Dog Calendar. I saw that one a while ago but found it freaky and not quite cute, hence I didn't bother posting it. This kitty one however, is equally FREAKY... but... a little cute too since I'm more partial to cats if you couldn't already tell.

News article here. Yoga Catz Calendar here (I didn't add the "z" at the end. That's really how they spelled it).

(ICK! This one looks like kitteh porn!)

And LOOK! This kitteh's up to Krounchasana in the Intermediate series too! (This is SUPPOSED to be Krounchasana... right?)

OK OK, I really have to go now. Have a Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Can I just point out that NONE of those kitties have the correct drishti?

    ha ha!!

    Hilarious photos- thanks for posting them and have fun on your trip!

  2. ahahaahah..I think those cats are very good in their yoga class lol! Thanks for sharing!
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