Thursday, December 3, 2009

Urban Remedy Detox Review: Day 2


Quite light and energetic. Wait till you hear about this morning's Mysore practice. But first, Detox Day 2.

I'd mentioned that the guys at Urban Remedy were gonna give me a variation for days 2 & 3, but turns out they've given me the regular Level 3 cleanse for 3 days, coz they'd rather I have the full experience. That means the same exact drinks from yesterday's Day 1 review for the next 2 days.

I can see why they're considering mixing things up a bit... coz er... well yeah, it could get a tad repetitive. I don't mind drinks #4 (Lemon, agave nectar & cayenne pepper) and #6 (Raw cashews, coconut milk, cinnamon, agave nectar, and a bunch of other goodies), but #1, #2, #3 and #5 are kind of more or less similar (just either with carrot or not).

Actually, if they marketed and sold Drink #6 as a smoothie on its own, I'd buy it coz it's sooooo delicious!

I'm not gonna do the hour by hour countdown like yesterday, since you pretty much know the drill for the next coupla days. The only thing different I did today was have a few sips of drink #6 after practice. I usually have a banana after practice, so the few sips of #6 really helped make me feel like I was getting some sustenance. I'd sneak a sip or two of #6 as well every time I started the next drink. It's a cheat that's allowed! :)

Doing pretty well on the fasting front... I'm not really hungry, I just can't look at food or be around people who are eating! ;p The worse time for me is around 11am - 1pm, I really start to feel like I need to nibble on something. It's the chewing action I'm missing!

Energetically, I've been feeling great today. It was a busy day at the office but my brain was pretty sharp. I just flew through the day that I crashed on the couch at 8.30pm. I'm going to bed right after this.

On the yoga front, I was extremely hesitant to practice today. Y'know... the whole idea of "No food = No energy". Wasn't sure how my body would handle it, and had already conjured up all kinds of cheats and ways of taking it easy (eg. No vinyasas between sides, or stop at Navasana).

Boy oh boy, did I blast that misconception right out the window. Today, I had the most amazingly STRONG practice I have ever had (I daresay). I was light and floaty, and had SO MUCH ENERGY!

I had a lot of mini breakthroughs today:

1. With jumpbacks, I was no longer shuffling back... I got quite a bit of a lift (like Uthpluthi but from cross-legged position), got the knees together, and that tilt forward seemed to happen a lot easier. My foot's still tapping the mat before I shoot the legs back, but it felt more like a bandha/ core lift rather than brute-arm strength that carried me through.

2. Marichyasana D: I was able to GRAB MY WRIST! But on the left side only (I'm usually binding with fingers & hands) Weird, coz that's usually my tighter side but it felt more open today. (That twist happens on the right side of the body... so maybe my liver is nice and small from the detox, maybe?) ;p

3. Supta Kurmasana: I bound my hands together on my own! Teacher first lifted left leg a bit over the shoulder, and then the right, and from there, my fingers found each other and managed to get a full 5-finger bind! YAY! (See... that's proof that my gut full of food is usually getting in the way.)

4. Dropbacks: Not a breakthrough here, but yesterday's session with the Osteo did bring a bit more awareness to opening my shoulders before dropping back. Pleased to report no issues with that elbow today, but I still have that twanging in the L1 (it's in the right side). So will have to keep thinking of lengthening lengthening lengthening with control, even when I'm dropping into the abyss (coz I tend to free-fall at that point of no return, and then that crunches into the L1) Sigh. Too many things to remember here!

5. Sirsasana: I usually hold til 20 of my counts, today I held till 25.

6. Uthpluthi: I usually hold til 20 of my counts, today I held till 30. And then I saw an orange spot when I looked up. It was weird, dunno if it was a colour aura or maybe there's a scientific explanation, but there was a hazy orange spot in my vision. WEEEEEIRD.

So... there you go, that's proof that even with a strong practice like the Full Primary series, you can still do it on a fasting cleanse and be stronger than ever! (who knows, maybe I'll crash out in tomorrow's practice. Haha).

OK, I'm fading. Off to bed.


  1. Wow Skippetty, that sounds like a terrific day! The #6 looks delicious by the way...thanks for sharing the deets of the drinks and how you are feeling. Now I want to find one of these cleanse companies in canada...:-)

  2. Hey Skipetty, glad it is going well. I have had similar experiences when practising on a detox. I love the idea of having the drinks delivered to you too. There is so much washing up involved in doing it yourself!

  3. Hey Jaime, Gemma here from practise. Thanks for the reports on the detox, I am thinking of doing it myself next week. Sounds great! Hope your practise was good this morning :)

  4. Orange Spot during Uthpluthi? Too much carrot?

  5. yummy! #6 sounds heavenly.

    I've only fasted a few times and each time I fixate on the lack of chewing too!

    Great news on your practice, by the way. I used to get a very strange, almost fainting sensation when trying to hold Uthpluthi for a long time. My vision would go all crazy like a white out. I suspect I was cutting off some main artery. ha ha! It's gotten better, thank goodness.

  6. KMB, Helen, Gemma (HI GEMMAAA!!) Thanks for your comments guys! Sorry I've been late to respond... will tell you about it in an upcoming post (I think I've found a new hobby. It has sucked away my weekend. Gulp!)

    Anne & Liz: HAHA. Probably too much carrot AND cutting off something to an artery (was gonna say cutting off oxygen, but er... I was breathing the whole way). But yeah, it did feel like I almost passed out before I saw the orange spot. Maybe it's something about rods and cones in the retina. Or something.


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