Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Appliances R Us

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ARGGHHHH!!! So Little Miss Non-Domestic went shopping for appliances with Gaye today (Kelly's on shoot in Romania till this weekend). Appliances here are SOOOOO much more pricey than back home. A washing machine averages R5,000 (approx. S$1,000). But delivery charge only R30 (er... S$6?)

Options paralysis - big fridge or small fridge? Of course the Smeg's the perfect retro fridge but at R17,449 (S$3,800), it's RIDICULOUS...so it's down to a big Bosch non-frost stainless steel or the smaller ones we're thinking of are a Whirlpool or a Defy (locally made, supposedly reliable. but they've got ugly locks on both fridge & freezer. Very odd. And almost 3rd world. Ha!)

But why do we need a big fridge (considering we had a virtually empty one in S'pore) "ok, go with the small fridge."... but the small ones don't have no-frost and you have to manually defrost them. "ok, go with the big fridge" ... but you can put a microwave on top of a small one - save space! "ok, go with the small fridge". (not like we even had a microwave in S'pore. Nor a toaster. Nor pots & pans till the last 3 months...) ...but we're gonna take cooking classes here. Seriously. And Chad, the friendly sales guy says go with the big no-frost fridge coz it's better... And also more expensive.... So he gets a bigger commission... ARGHHHHHHH!!!

Decisions, decisions.

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