Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm still recovering from the super late night we had last night. No, I didn't drink (last time I checked, I'm still allergic to alcohol). But still stayed out till about 3.30am last night. (For a girl who usually goes to bed at 10.30pm and wakes up at 7am, that's late).

Couple of Kelly's friends own one of Cape Town's trendiest and popular bars, Asoka. They'd reserved a cosy area by the outdoor deck for us to hang out all night.

Put on my (new) dancing shoes for the occasion. I can't wear heels, so wedges are the next closest thing to heels I can manage.

For some reason, we got there pretty early at 8pm and it was still light outside.

Dunno what it is about New Year's... maybe I'm getting old or maybe it's coz I don't drink, but to be completely honest, I'd rather have been at home reading my Christmas present, Skinny Bitch. OK, maybe I'm just becoming a complete bore.

Anyways, it was kinda cool coz Kelly's bunch of friends from waaaaaaay back when, most of whom are living all over the world now, were home for the hols and I finally got to meet the people I'd only heard about in his stories of growing up.

(Check my pink bag that matches the pink shoes) :)

The perfect Blue Steels:

On a tangent, someone recently commented that practically ALL the photos of me on Facebook are of me with my Zoolander Blue Steel face. But I have never, ever uploaded a picture of myself on Facebook, and for some reason, other people just seem to love my Blue Steels and that's all they ever upload!!!! So there.

Anyhow, here we are stumbling around last night, wishing you a Happy New Year - 2009's gonna be a goodie! xxx

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