Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tourist Infestation

Cape Town's a beautiful place.

It has been named Africa’s Best City (US Travel and Leisure Best in the World Awards, July); Best Travel Destination in Africa and the Middle East (US Travel & Leisure magazine, 2004 through 2007); and One of the World’s five Bluest Sky Destinations (expedia.co.uk). In addition, City Mayors, a global local government think-tank, recently named Cape Town Mayor Helen Zille the world’s top mayor... read about it here. I'd even rank it in my Top 10 list of most beautiful cities in the world.

Hence, it's no surprise that in the height of tourist season (which is: NOW), this place is crawling with people from out of town. In the lead up to the Christmas/ New Year break, traffic starts getting more jammed, malls start becoming more crowded, finding parking and a spot on the beach become non-existent. Suddenly, people pop up everywhere dressed extremely badly: in nothing but their swimsuits, mismatched bermudas and loud floral shirts, with those hideous hiking sandals. Y'know, like these ones:

What really gets on my nerves are the extremely BAD drivers around town around this time of year. You know you've become one of the locals when you start checking out other people's licence plates, tut-tutting and shaking your head at them when you find out they're not CA plates and they've behaved badly on the roads.

This is good:

These are no good. Especially if you don't give way, cut into other people's lanes without signalling, don't wave to say "Thanks" when you've been given way to, double-park Cape-Townians into their lots, drive like a tortoise or drive like an a**hole:

Northern Province:

Eastern Cape:


...and the ultimate biggest culprits of super bad behaviour on the roads generally tend to be the guys from Jo'burg. Unfortunately, the majority of big city boys with GP licence plates tend to be the worse drivers. There's a reason why the running joke is GP stands for "Gangsta's Paradise".

OK, I've had my rant. I can't wait till tourist season is OVER!

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