Saturday, January 17, 2009


So it's true - our geyser really did burst. Thank goodness there's a tray underneath it which caught the excess water which flowed out through the overflow pipe into the neighbour's garden downstairs. So at least there's no water damage anywhere!

Unfortunately, because it happened on a Friday, there's no way anyone would come round to install a new geyser over the weekend. So we're waterless till at least Monday or Tuesday. It's unbelievable how you take water for granted, and how much of it you actually need. We went to buy a large 4 litre water bottle, and in less than a day it's 3/4 empty already.

Brushing your teeth alone uses more than 3 mugs full of water and even then, I'm still unable to wash ALL the toothpaste gunk out from between the bristles. Got to 'rough it' a bit and leave my toothbrush in less than pristine condition while we haven't got running water.

I had to shower at the yoga studio today, and that's probably the one and only shower I'll have today (it's middle of summer, with sweltering African heat). Kelly had to pop round to his mom's for a shower. We can't even do laundry or do the dishes! ...but that's not a bad thing coz we can be lazy and eat out.

We went to the neighbourhood Japanese restaurant last night, and amidst our moving stress and geyser misery, at least their menu made us laugh.

"Waiter, 1 raw ass, please! Would you recommend the large ass or special ass?"

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