Monday, January 5, 2009 goes Live!

For the past 2 days, I've been beavering away on a personal project. I got completely sucked into a vortex of website building technicalities like SEOs, CNAME register, MX records, Sitemaps (that's Sitemaps with a capital "S") and the like... and when I say vortex, I really mean VORTEX. I was going to bed at 4.30am dreaming of the website, and waking up 4 hours later at 8.30am dreaming of the website again. I think I even picked up dreaming of the same point on the website where I left off before I fell asleep! (I vortexed to the point where I completely ignored this blog too!)

The result is something I'm pretty proud of: my very own website with my very own domain name! This is what the home page looks like:

Yes, it's something for work and an attempt to look more professional. I decided it was finally time to dedicate a place to put my work online, and come up with a site for my showreel. And yes, it's also a case of extreme vanity and shouting out to the world "THIS IS ME! HIRE ME!". What I also found while going through this process is it's good to take some time out and go through the stuff you've done before - it helps you check in with yourself, gauge where you were before and where you are now... like a yardstick of sorts.

Right now, I'm pretty pleased with myself. And it's not about my work, it's more because I can't believe I actually came up with the entire site on my own!

OK, so I got a free design template and didn't have to design it from scratch, but it still took a while finding out where to get it from and where to host it and lots of other super boring tech details I'll spare you from. But check it out and let me know what you think!

The site is here:

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