Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Teaching Frenzy

This week is when practically everyone's on holiday (me included!) and it's when I start substitute teaching yoga classes. I'll be teaching from Monday through Wednesday at 9am, and this Saturday, I start my first REGULAR TEACHING GIG! Yup, I've been offered a regular 9am slot at Shanti on Saturday. Did I forget to mention it before?

Plus this evening, I was also substituting for another teacher who does classes at a hotel. So including Shanti's class this morning, I would've taught 2 classes today except the hotel guests/ tourists were probably in complete holiday mode and no one pitched up to class this evening!

It didn't really matter though, the garden where classes are taught is just spectacular, and I ended up doing a self-practice instead. It's weird doing a headstand on grass - kinda feels unstable and like you're gonna fall over!

Right in front of where the mats are placed is where a "river" flows through the hotel grounds. It's more like a glorified drain, but since it doesn't stink maybe it's really a fresh(ish) water source of sorts. There's also a little bridge to cross from one part of the hotel to the next. Very pretty!

The "river" is slightly stepped, and there's a mini waterfall as well, so you're completely surrounded by nature from the gurgling water sounds to the birds tweeting in the trees.

The light on the pictures above was a little off. This is more like what it looks like. So even though no one pitched this evening, I still had a pretty spectacular practice. :)

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