Friday, January 16, 2009


Has it really been only 2 days since I last posted? It honestly feels like a week has gone past.

I've been stuck in a minefield of redtape, from sorting out visas... to shutting down home services like the internet, mobile phone... transferring bank account info... finding out about excess baggage services... phoning removal companies for quotes (Allied Pickford is by far the cheapest and most professional and most contactable, and sees through the entire job without partner companies... if you ever needed to know).

At this point, I'm too late to enter on a defacto spouse visa, so will have to go in on a tourist visa first, then figure my way through more redtape on the other side. For some reason, all South African travel agents quoted me TWENTY WORKING DAYS to get a tourist visa sorted, but I called my travel agent in Singapore, who got it done in FIVE MINUTES. All electronically. And for free! Singapore good ah. I still can't believe it... 20 days versus 5 minutes!!!

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I've been at work, but I've barely been at work, if you know what I mean... Every other minute something new pops up in my mind about what else needs to be done, or an email from a Sydney housing agent comes through or the neighbour phones and says "I think your geyser's burst - there's water pouring into the downstairs' neighbour's garden"...

Great!! Just what we needed at this point in time! (Thank goodness the new tenant has signed the lease!)

Kelly's home now with the plumber that the home insurance guys sent... but I just feel like curling up into a ball and pressing the fast-forward button till 6 months' time now.

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