Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Official: We're Moving!

OK, so I'm letting the cat out the bag now...

The contract's been signed and it's an official deal: KELLY & I ARE MOVING TO SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA!!!!!

It's all pretty exciting stuff. He's been offered a position as Deputy Creative Director at an agency there (I probably shouldn't say where until he starts, so I won't say where publicly on this blog. Email me and ask!) He's starting work the second week of February, so we've got less than a month to get our s**t together. S**T!!!

The ink's barely dry off the contract, but we've already been running with it, prepping to leave. In one day, we called an agent to rent the flat out, she came to see it at 11am, sent a prospective tenant round at 5pm, and by 6pm we had our first offer. Which we took. WAHHHHH!!! Pretty happening.

So now it's time to call removal companies and get quotes in, sort out visas, throw stuff out, pack stuff up, sort flights out... it's also time to start looking into setting up a life over there including renting a flat, doing up my CV (which I've done already - including uploading my reel... which explains why I set up www.jaimetan.com last week.) ;p ...heh.

The sleepless nights have already begun. Even if I manage to doze off, within an hour or two I'll be up again thinking of what other little detail I might have missed out. The other night, I woke up at 2am and couldn't sleep again, so I started researching headhunters and job recruiters and sending out a flurry of cover letters & CVs until the sun came up.

It's not that I'm in full-on panic mode (yet), but it's an unsettling time now and even though I might not be thinking of any one thing in particular, it feels like there's lots of pieces floating around in there somewhere. And I've been bursting to put it on this blog but had to be discrete until everything was finalized, of course.

So now it's only starting to sink in... WE'RE MOVING TO SYDNEY!!!!


  1. exciting news!!! sydney is such a great city. have not read your blog in awhile and am really enjoying catching up on your news. gong xi fa cai in advance!

  2. Shoot! It's CNY already! Have more pineapple tarts for me!! Gong Xi Fa Cai, I can collect ang pao from you now. haha! xxx


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