Monday, December 15, 2008

Mike & Pat's Final Yearbook Picture

A couple weeks ago, our group of friends got together to produce a yearbook picture for Mike & Pat's 30th birthday presents.

Pat's birthday was on Saturday & Mike's on Sunday, so they were gonna hold a joint celebration. Unfortunately Pat's mom got really sick so the party was postponed, but we still went ahead and gave them their framed up presents anyway (their other present was a sky-diving jump).

I think the picture turned out SUPER AWESOME and I'm pretty pleased Candice went to all that trouble to organize it. I can't get over what a fabulous present it is!

Medium format (my fave!):

(Yes, that's me munching the apple while showing my leg off. Kelly's biting on his pipe.)

Oldskool treatment:

Behind-the-scenes album here:
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