Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Movember Men

Here's the update for Kelly's 'tache at the end of last week.

A few prizes were given out, and Kelly won the "Come sit on my Handlebars" prize! The prize he got for enduring a month of hillbilly facial fashion: A Carling Black Label cooler bag, T-shirt and a case of beer. Since he's not much of a drinker and doesn't appreciate freebies emblazoned with logos, he gave them all away. As his sponsors, Bronwyn and I share a voucher for the Wellness Warehouse.

The overall winner went to Ryno the Porno coz of his glorious manly man 'tache that went up the sides and almost joined up with his sideburns.

The other funny one was Kelly's partner, Mike, who shaved his beard off into a skinny 'tache on the sides of his face aka The Pringle Guy or The Koi Fish (he won the award for "He must have a big penis to pull THAT off"):

The other 2 prizes were the "Shopright/ Checkers Checkout Lady" Award (Mark's actually light blonde, but he dyed his 'tache brown. You couldn't hold a serious conversation with him, it was too distracting):

And the "Jerry Springer/ Deliverance" Award (You couldn't help staring at Dane's throat):

For the office round up, click here.

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