Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lelong! Lelong!

"Lelong" literally translated means... sale. I think? In Malay. I think?

It's what people in the markets back home usually shout out when there's a sale going on... and it's pretty much what's been going on in the office here. Can you believe it?

Since the festive season has begun, the office mass mail (aptly titled "Loudspeaker") has been sending out all kinds of random updates. We've had a sale of Christmas cards/ wrappers/ tags etc. in our board room. We've had a sale of local designer shoes, also in the board room.

And then there were notices of 2 kilos of Woolworths biscuits going for R40. I shouldn't be eating biscuits but R40?! For good quality biscuits?! Practically everyone ended up with giant packs on their desks (so it's not just me OK?)

Now this past week someone else scooped another deal... 1kg of bacon for R43. I hardly touch bacon so dunno how much it costs (plus, 1kg of bacon is damn a lot of pig!) Someone else got onto the Pick & Pay website (the local supermarket) and found out 1kg of bacon usually costs R79.


When the delivery came, this is what it looked like (there's probably 20kg's worth of porky pig in there):

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