Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Johnny Clegg at Kirstenbosch

Last Sunday, we went to a Johnny Clegg gig at Kirstenbosch Gardens. Every weekend in the summer, Kirstenbosch holds concerts and it's on a nice big lawn in the middle of the botanical gardens.

Took a shot of this coz it's a really weird sculpture.

It's not hard to see why the Kirstenbosch Gardens is a World Heritage Site... it's on the other side of Devil's Peak mountain, so you not only get the manicured lawns to walk about in, you also have a gorgeous mountain view.

The program said Johnny Clegg started at 5.30pm, but by the time we got there at 4.30pm (thinking we were early birds), the entire place was JAM-PACKED with people who must've come ultra early to get a spot on the lawn.

Talk about being kiasu. And I thought Singaporeans were bad - these guys must've come here for lunch!!!

We had a problem trying to find a spot for 7 of us. This is what it looks like all the way to the back. (Look at the white thing in the middle of the shot. That's the stage)

We finally found a spot closer, somewhere in the middle. All thanks to Margarita, who pushed her way through near the tree in the middle of the lawn, and got people in the area to move their blankets around, making space for SEVEN of us. Talk about having balls!

After I settled myself onto my spot, this was the view I got:

If the couple in front of me didn't kiss, I'd be able to spot Johnny Clegg on the stage, in orange trousers. This is it, with the furthest my camera could zoom in (between the couple's heads):

At least the rest of the view was beautiful, overlooking a canopy of trees.

It was great weather for a picnic at the concert.

And the crowd got pretty into it too.

I had never heard of Johnny Clegg in my life (oh the horror!) But apparently he outsold Michael Jackson in Paris when they were both performing the same night, back in the day. I think they also call him the white Zulu man? His sound has a Paul Simon vibe to it, kinda like an Africanized Simply Red or UB40. Kelly rolled his eyes and tut-tutted at my ignorance.

Click on the youtube links to check out videos.

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