Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Weekend

Been quiet here coz I've been completely sucked into a Grey's Anatomy Season 4 marathon weekend. 5 DVDs averaging 4 episodes per disc. Go figure how many lost hours that is. As the guy at the DVD store said "Ha! Looks like you're going nowhere fast." Kinda like the characters in the series, actually.

Is it just me or has it become just a tad more bloody? Suddenly there's blood spurting out everywhere, making me feel queasy in the stomach - more gory than I remember the last few seasons to be. I used to cry through Seasons 1 - 3, weep even, but this time I shed just just ONE tear in ONE episode (the one about the soldier dying without being able to say a final goodbye to his boyfriend coz of his homophobic dad's disapproval). There doesn't seem to be any super DRAMA going on in this season. Y'know, like bombs exploding on the operating table, Meredith drowning, Izzy cutting Denny's cord, killing him so he'd be first in line to get a new heart... all those unbelievably over-the-top soap opera stories... what's happened to Grey's?!

In my opinion, this is the only way to watch a TV series: when the entire season is available on DVD so you can watch it all in one shot, uninterrupted, no ad breaks, no missed episodes coz you had to go to some dinner party just that one week... and no having to wait 20-odd weeks before finding out what happens in the season finale. We live in the instant gratification age after all.

Anyways, I'm wasting time typing. Time to watch the final DVD now!

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