Monday, April 16, 2007

Sea Point: Winchester Mansions Hotel

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There's a lot going on around our new apartment, and I'll keep updating as I go along, but traditionally, where we'll be in Sea Point used to be quite buzzing until The Waterfront was built a few years ago and everyone moved there, then Sea Point became kinda dodgy, with pimps & dealers in the streets. But the area seems to be picking up again as the yuppies are moving in - the 2010 World Cup stadium's being built round the corner in Green Point, so gentrification has begun! (It's the reason why Kelly decided to buy in Sea Point.)

It's quite an interesting neighbourhood - we're on Hall Road, which is perpendicular to the ocean (which is on Beach Road). Beach Road is lovely and clean, with the famous Sea Point promenade where families hang out with their dogs & kids, people go jogging in the evenings and the whole place really feels like Miami with its gazilion art deco buildings. The Winchester Mansion Hotel is on this side where weekend brunches are famous (we stopped here for a coffee - check out the pix). The smell of the sea's in the air here and it feels like a holiday already.

Main Road's on the other end of our road and here's where it gets interesting at night - there's a strip joint (GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!) next to a store that sells men-only lingerie and I wouldn't walk down here at night. But it's perfectly fine in the day - found a Chinese supermarket on this street!! The block farther up from here is perfectly civil (where the yuppies have moved in with their delis, restaurants & cafes), and there are plans soon to make Main Road a pedestrian-only mall... so we reckon the XXX places will be gone within the year. Will take more pix of this later.
(Sam: maybe we can trade stories when you & Ash have moved into Geylang?)

We officially get the keys tomorrow, so watch this space! xxx

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