Monday, April 16, 2007

The Old Biscuit Mill

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It's been quite an eventful weekend - went to the Old Biscuit Mill with Gaye and her friend from London, Judy (whose son happens to be a fascinating up & coming artist - Sam... er... forget his last name. but that's a whole new blogpost altogether).

Anyways, this place used to be a... biscuit mill of course, and it's still got its huge red chimney and scuffed up grungey walls. They've now turned this into a little artists' quarter with galleries, quirky one-off shops, and doesn't feel touristy at all (without tourist prices too). On weekends, they turn a huge empty barn space into a food market - old doors are used as table tops, those plastic sheetings used to store quilts or winter clothes are stuffed with hay and turned into instant seats. Some sellers packed their goods onto the back of a trailer and that became their store front. All very quaint! Found more info online here:

Stuffed our faces with the fluffiest waffles in the world, pancakes with nutella & banana, gelato, and even took home a tart for supper. Oh, and also found more shops with lovely things for the home... was so caught up with it all that i forgot to take more photos, so here's all I've got.

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