Monday, April 30, 2007

Introducing Jezebel & Abigail

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2 yappy, fluffy, white doggies belonging to Kelly's dad & step-mom. Jezebel = Maltese. Abi = Westie.

We're house-sitting while Robyn & Margarita are away and the doggies have grown on me (and my allergies are slowly getting used to them). These dogs eat better than some people - Woolworth's rosti grilled chicken every morning (Woolworth's here is like Jason's Gourmet Market in S'pore) & a hand-made dog-bone pet cookie every evening (it's weird when cookies smell like beef).

Abi's the alpha-female who's always patrolling the house, jumping arouns the bushes looking for prey, or watching the cars drive around the bend. Jezebel's the princess who's scared of the dark (seriously, this dog sits down and stays put if there are no lights on), afraid of walking down the stairs (someone has to carry her up & down), and rubs her bum on the floor whenever she's excited (it's freaky & funny at the same time.

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