Sunday, April 8, 2007

Our Apartment

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So our apartment's in Sea Point. If you google "Ark Royal Cape Town", you'll see 1 of the neighbours has a unit for short-term rentals. (but it's a very, very yucky interior they've got. not AT ALL like ours)

It's a gorgeous art deco style - similar to the tiong bahru flats, or what you see in miami. our unit's the top right corner with a balcony, and the previous owner basically bashed down the roof ceiling to make way for a loft-type 2nd floor. The wall next to the skylight upstairs is the bathroom, and there's another area behind the bathroom and at the moment it looks like this section at the back will become the guest/ TV area. Under the skylight in front will be a desk/ study area. We might later on change the stairs to a spiral staircase to save space (coz the whole section under the stairs is an odd space). and you can see also these stairs have a gimmicky cut-out pattern in them, which makes it hard to walk up & down them.

Downstairs beyond the stairs is where our room will be, with a bathroom next to it.

Kelly & Mom are going through blinds options in the kitchen. Behind me where I am with the camera is a small sitting area, by the windows (the row of windows that's in the exterior shot). So the balcony's behind the camera, to the right.

It's got rough, textured terracotta tiles and in move-in condition, but we might do a bit of work here & there, and still working out options.There's just not enough storage space (and not enough wardrobe space for me!) :p

that's all for today... will send more photos later. (actually sam - jolene's blog thing might be a good idea.) :p


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