Monday, April 9, 2007

Cape Town Scenery

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So I've spent the last coupla days driving around Cape Town... er... it's just 1/2 hour driving around the City bowl area, Clifton & Camps Bay... pretty much the areas my life would revolve around. It's a... er... pretty small town? (like S'pore lah... abt 4 million people too!) and everytime you look up or look around, it's like "WOAH!" coz you're surrounded by mountains and it's just breathtaking. It's almost like it's a fake matte painting in the background of a movie. And you see this EVERYWHERE you go. Very surreal.

Took some pictures, so here goes... 1st photo is Table Mountain itself (the one with the flat plateau). the city/ CBD area otherwise known as the City Bowl, is at the base of the mountain, and stretches out to the sea all the way past camera left. Ogilvy's down there, Kelly's mom's place where I'm staying at now is down there, and practically everything in my life will happen around there. Behind the mountain is Clifton & Camp's Bay, more sheeshee beaches/ suburbs I'll take photos of later (all the following photos taken from Signal Hill)

2nd photo: Table Mountain drops off on camera left and that solo bump at the end is Devil's Peak. Kelly's standing on camera right for scale. That reservoir on the bottom left is what supplies the city's water.

3rd photo: me!

4th photo: Kelly in car with Devil's peak on his right shoulder.

5th photo: View from top of Signal Hill, blob on the right is Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. The area right below the hill is Sea Point, and our apartment is 1 of those down there. We couldn't figure out which one from up there... it could be further to the left of camera.

6th photo: Lion's Head. We're hiking up this tomorrow morning with Kelly's mom and some of her friends. (2 hour walk only lah!)

It's GORGEOUS this place! ...I'm still in holiday mode. We went to see the apartment over the weekend, and more photos of that coming in the next email. All good this side.

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