Monday, April 9, 2007

Conquered Lion's Head!

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Hiked up Lion's Head this morning. It's about 600 - 700 metres above sea level. Went with Kelly's mom Gaye & her friends, Thys & Rose, and it took us about 3 - 4hrs in total, stopping every 5-10min to huff & puff and for Thys to explain more about Cape Town's history/ geography. Oh, and that also included a 1/2hr picnic with coffee, muffins, cheese & digestives halfway up the mountain (no wonder their backpacks were so big).

To get up to the top, you circle the mountain all the way up, so the attached photos are taken while circling up - a 360 degree panoramic view of the walk to the top.

From the sea moving inland in a clockwise manner, you get the city bowl under Table Mountain, then Table Mountain, and diagonally across cuts the 12 apostles, which overlook Camp's Bay, and moving clockwise some more, you get Sea Point, then Signal Hill, then you're back to the City Bowl the other side. This will pretty much be my 360 degree circle in Cape Town. Small, but gorgeous.

At some points you have to climb up on your hands & knees and it gets pretty hairy, but you just look straight ahead with tunnel vision and all is OK. In the pic of Lion's Head, I've circled how small the people climbing up the rocks are (the small pink circle) - but this is the last stretch already. It took us about 1 - 1.5 hrs to climb to the point where I took this pic.

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