Friday, September 10, 2010

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Today would have been the day I'd be leaving Cape Town for Mysore, to start a 2-month practice at KPJAYI. Instead, I'm in London, sat in a dark telecine room grading pictures, checking visual effects and getting through a multitude of revisions to be done before we deliver this TV commercial on Sunday. This spot has been 6 months in the making, the longest I have ever worked on ONE commercial.

What a difference a few months makes...

Yup, in case you forgot or are new around here... When my freelance gig in Amsterdam became a full-time job offer, part of the job terms was to continue working through the rest of the year. I wasn't able to take a fluffy 2 months off work to go to Mysore for Ashtanga and then start the full-time job contract in November as I'd requested (oh yeah, I lost a boyfriend along the way too.) BAH HUMBUG!!


It's all good, I have zero complaints here. I saw a brilliant opportunity and jumped for it. Mysore will always be there for me (unless commercialization starts to eat its way through it before I get there, just reading about the way things are panning out in the Ashtanga world since Guruji's passing. Hrmph.)

Still... even though this was a conscious decision I made, I can't help but feel a little bummed out today. :(

To top it all off, while I'm coasting through the rest of my practice, my Supta Kurmasana bind is STILL not back. What the hell is going on?! I feel like a chubby lump in the pose - Why can't my hands find each other again? Did my arms become shorter? Do I have a bigger belly roll in the way?

...So fucking frustrating.

Fucking Friday. Working through another weekend this week again.



  1. Yes, you are right...Mysore will always be there for you one day in the future. That's what I keep telling myself since work/life makes it hard for me to travel much right now. Also kind of curious to see what the future holds for KPJAYI as far as things getting more commercialized.

    I have no doubt you'll get your bind back in supta k. :)

  2. Thanks Arkie. At this point I'm feeling like... "do your practice... still NOT coming". Ha. And yes - I read your latest post this morning and was gonna comment until I got busy. Be right over there now to finally post my comment! x

  3. Ahhh, so hard to avoid gazing at the road not taken. I feel your pain, Jaime. Big sigh, deep breath, and then back to the path in front of you. As for Supta K I am just getting my bind back, after having lost it since my meniscus injury a way long time ago. Otoh, lots of other postures are much better than they ever were.
    The process of this practice is not always comprehensible, and when he said "all is coming" I'm not sure he meant logically, clearly or in sequence.

  4. dear Jaime
    i doubt you have a jelly roll coming your way. i wonder if i have one. my bind in supta k has come back, but i used to be able to get the feet one over the other and the head under them while they were in the floor and i can't now. i think it's tougher muscles from more walking, standing, general exercise. you're in a similar boat with the biking, no?

    word verif "fouck"
    honestly, gosh, blogger must read your posts. haha.

  5. Hey Fran - ever the wise lady. You are right. It isn't logical nor in sequence, is it? For all I know this darn 1 month ashtanga holiday's gonna take me 2 months to catch up proper... Grrrr!

    Arturo - HAHAHA. FOUCK! FOUCK! FOUCK! I've been in London for a month, so I've been walking more than I've been biking. I can't bind the hands behind my back, but I can get my feet to cross each other and get my head tucked. BI-ZARRE.


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