Friday, September 24, 2010

Funky Foot Fashion

I hobbled my way to the Fysio yesterday (that's the Dutch spelling of "Physio". Cute!) and she gave me an ultrasound on my foot (which helps er... break down all the swelling that's going on there. I think.) And then she also taped up my foot.

I love that it's not the ugly beige tape Fysios usually use. Apparently they come in all colours too, but she ran out of PINK. :)

(Please don't look at the state of my pedicure coz i really need one!)

It actually hurts more on the other side, where the arch of the foot is. But from this angle you can see the funky fan pattern going on top of my foot (to "help circulation" apparently).

She was going on about how there are up to 5 levels of how you can hurt your tendons/ ligaments (#5 being a proper tear), and I'm probably at a level 1. Seeing as how I can kinda walk around properly today and start to put a wee bit more pressure on the foot (even though I really shouldn't be), I would have to agree. SO GLAD IT'S NOT ANYTHING MORE SERIOUS!!

I had every intention of getting onto my mat this morning and just doing some seated postures. But coz I've been sleeping with my foot elevated on a pillow, it gets really uncomfortable and I wake up with a stiff/ cold/ sore foot and leg. And completely in no mood/ state for anything physical. Oh no. I hope I don't start to fall off the practice wagon again so easily.

I'm halfway between "Do I need to rest or am I just being lazy". Sometimes it's hard to tell. As you can probably tell by now, I'm an "ALL OR NOTHING!" kinda person. So even by getting on the mat, I would need to consciously hold back my ego and stop pushing myself to GO GO GO!!

Someone suggested instead of doing full Suryas, I should rather warm up by doing cat/ cow/ child stretches then go straight to the seated asanas. Sounds really wussy, but also very wise given my foot situation.

So damn frustrating. I obviously need to SLOW DOWN and LEARN PATIENCE. Practice, practice... and STILL not coming. HAHAHA.


  1. wussy or no- it's still yoga. :)

    i pulled my achilles tendon practicing yoga in a heated room- my muscles stretched before they were ready (as they do in heated rooms) so i over stretched. Couldn't walk for weeks.

    I love the tape- it's so COOL. :)

  2. Yes you're right! It's still yoga! I guess I'm just eager to keep up the ashtanga practice that I've only just managed to get back into again.

    One thing about the tape - I found myself having to use the hair-dryer on it after my shower this morning. Coz the thought of pulling a sock over it and putting a damp bandage into my shoes was just GROSS! HAHAHAHA!

  3. I like the tape design!

    A man came in our shala awhile back with two black stripes of this tape down his back. It caused quite a stir (a silent stir... there were stolen glances around the room with looks of "huh?").

    I'm all or nothing too, so I understand the feelings you're having! I would probably just rent movies and take a full on break. But the cat/cow/child stretches would probably make you feel better!

  4. I tried to do a headstand today - I mean, no need to work the foot right? You can't imagine how much fear there was though... "Oh no! I'm gonna crash land and then my foot's gonna be more fucked!" And then I couldn't get up beyond legs at 90 degrees. The mind can be such a powerfully fucked up thing sometimes!

    Maybe the dude with 2 black strips was covering up his moxibustion bruises. You know, it could've looked worse, like this:,r:8,s:153&tx=46&ty=68&biw=1197&bih=590

  5. ha ha ha!!! We had a guy show up with all sorts of suction cup bruises on his back the other day!

    If the tape is so magical, I wonder if they could make yoga wear from it? I mean, why not heal while actually doing your practice?

  6. Glad to hear that the injury's not too serious, and you get a funky bandage to boot!

    I'm like you on the all-or-nothing front, but with the accident last week, I've been pushing myself to pay more attention to my body and to recognize when a lighter practice is just what I need. Have only been doing the standing sequence and paying more attention to the breathing which loosened my tight shoulders and back more than I thought it would. Am hopeful about resuming a full practice this week, but yea, "Slowly, Slowly" :)

  7. ELP - Er... I wouldn't buy that yoga-tape-wear. Imagine the ripping action when you yank it off! OUCH!

    Danielle - Sounds great, what you're doing with taking things slowly. Gets you into a different groove. I tried that yesterday but not sure if it's grown on me yet! ;p


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