Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Injury & Bye Bye Summer

2 days ago, I posted off my application form to KPJAYI. AGAIN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let's hope this time around I finally get to go. The office has approved 1 month of leave. OK, so it's not the 2 months that I originally intended to go for but hey... I'll take what I can get!

In my excitement at the post office, I tripped over a step and twisted my foot. Good thing I didn't break or snap anything, I just pulled/ sprained a muscle in a MAJOR way. I spent all of yesterday at home because I couldn't walk. I thought my foot looked OK, but when I compared the left foot to the right foot, it looked like I had leftfootelephantitis. To make matters worse, because I'm bikeless, I couldn't cycle to the doctor or physio either... And there's no way I could have WALKED there. (And NO! I refuse to believe this is a bad omen for my intended trip to Mysore!!)

I was forced to stay home with my leg propped up in bed, reading Guruji. HAHAHA! So... It's not like I was complaining AT ALL. :)

The foot's much better today, I just can't apply too much pressure on it so I'm walking around with a limp. Good thing it's a Moon Day so there's no practice today. I couldn't manage any standing sequences yesterday. Tried some seated poses but my left foot couldn't bend beyond a certain point and it got awkward and painful. Jumpbacks? Forget about it! So I figured "Sod it. It's time to rest."

On Tuesday, the day I busted my foot, it was the official last day of Summer (although technically, Summer was pretty much gone when August came around in Amsterdam...) So a workmate decided to take his boat out for ONE LAST boat ride to say "Bye Bye Summer!" He also had fake moustaches on board, so we spent the whole ride blowing furry kisses to our cameras. (Incidentally, EVERYONE on board was smoking cigarettes, but I'm pleased to say I didn't reach for one. It also didn't feel like such a big deal. So... yes, my nicotine detox is still ongoing!) (For my recent struggle with picking up smoking AGAIN, see Point #6 here)

Spot the real moustache.

It was a beautiful day, clear skies and not too cold.

And then we went down one of the canals right in the middle of the Red Light District. There were girls in their knickers in the store windows. But I still didn't have the guts to take photos of them even though we were on a boat and could technically make a run for it if they came out hissing and spitting at us. It was slow-moving traffic down this canal coz there were lots of other tourist boats gawking and rubber-necking too.

Entrance to a sex show (Yes, those are naked ladies on the walls).

Yes, it's the Erotic Museum.

More pictures of naked people on the walls (another sex show? Whore house? Who knows? ...Who cares?! It looks great!)

We passed a "floating" Chinese restaurant (You can see it's not really floating at all).

And the beautiful new library. It made me think of Arturo coz I'm sure he'd appreciate this lovely design.

The End.


  1. oh no... so sorry about your foot, what a drag! I hope it heals soon! You have a good attitude about it, I'd be pouting and grumpy and making everyone around me suffer. ha!

    Boat ride photos are great!! Love the mustache shots- especially the guy who looks like Inspector Clouseau.

    You are going to have one AWESOME India blog. Can't wait!!

  2. So, when are you going to India? Can't wait for your blog from there either ... :)

  3. So sorry to read about your injury, I hope it's not too serious and have no doubt that you'll be right as rain in time for Mysore. Love the fake moustache pics (esp the guy with the glasses + hat).

  4. ELP - too bad you're not on Twitter. You would've gotten up to the minute, blow-by-blow "WOE IS MEEEEE!" accounts of what was going on with my foot. I was probably quite a drag to follow that day. I'm not always happy-happy-joy-joy you know! :p

    Susie - if they accept, it'll be in Jan. That's peak season though, and I hope I get a place! Should hear back in... maybe about a week?

    Danielle - Thanks for your foot concern! It's nothing serious at all, just out of action for a few days. And... Yup, that's the same guy who looks like Inspector Clouseau! It looks like the 'tache belongs right there on his face! :)

  5. Hi Jaime,

    Sorry to hear about you foot, that's so annoying.

    I didn't realise you had to mail an application to mysore, in these days of e-mail. Hope you get the spot in January.

    What's the visa situation these days, do you still need the special one or the usual tourist one?

  6. That's right Kev, it's so weird. I thought so too. Especially when they email you right after receiving your snail-mail application to let you know you're in. And then all correspondence for visa applications etc. are done by email after that. At least that was my experience when I first applied a few months ago! Maybe they want to make sure that you're *serious* about applying. Since it's more of a mission to get off your couch and into the post office. Makes you think twice before shooting off something electronically. Maybe?

    And yes, you still need the yoga student visa.

  7. Wow, I should be in Mysore mid-January also. How cool!

  8. I'll be picking your brains when you get back LOL

  9. Cool! LI, please may I have access to your blog? Hope I do get to go in the end and meet you too! :)

    Kev - yes, definitely. If I end up getting there! I'm kind of not believing it until I get there (so as to avoid massive disappointment, like the last time it didn't happen!)

  10. dear Jaime
    thanks for the photos. would that be Koolhas who did the library? in any case, he is a Dutch master and Dutch architects rock. sorry about your foot. it seems the bandage is done with artistry. i'm a master at pose substitution, after getting older. if you pick up a yin yoga book, you'll see that you can do a lot with seated poses or other on the mat poses without vinyasas.

  11. Hey Arturo,
    I looked it up and no, it's not Rem Koolhas (I have friends who had him as a professor in their architecture course. How cool is that?!) It's by Jo Coenen. :)


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