Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hank Overload

Here's more pictures of Hank. He's turning out to be quite the smart rascal, terrorising the other 2 dogs in the house.

You might remember Abby & Jezebel, Kelly's dad's little fluffy white dogs.

While we're staying here with him, the 2 dogs of the house have had to endure Hank's puppy bravado. Remember what a squirmy little cute turd he looked like in the photos? He's only like that when he's tired or sleeping. Otherwise, he's a complete terror - the typical scrappy buster of a puppy... chewing shoes, chewing furniture... and the funniest one is of him stirring shit with Abby, the Alpha Female dog of the house.

He's about 1/3 the size of Abby, the Westie. But this week, he's been running up to her and squeaking (he can't quite bark yet), while prancing around her. He hops up and down like a rabbit. He's either trying to play with her, or just testing his boundaries with her. Abby, surprisingly, has been rather patient with Hank. If his squeak-barking becomes intolerable, she whips around and charges at him or nips him, and then he stops for 2 seconds. And then goes back to "attacking" her again. I get annoyed with Hank just watching him. He's such a brat!! Here he is launching into a regular afternoon Abby attack.

The 2 of them have been at each other the past few days. Abby has been stealing Hank's bone from out of his basket, and since Hank's too small to grab it back from her... he squeak-barks at her, prances around her, and when she lunges at him - Hank runs under Abby's favourite hiding place under an armchair. And that REALLY gets Abby PISSED OFF. It is the funniest thing to watch! This little doggy is turning out to be pretty smart.

He's pretty independent and is OK if left to his own devices - this is his favourite bone (he's got er... 3 bones of varying textures). He's pretty happy chewing on it and tossing it in the air and running after it... and that keeps him well entertained:

I think Hank secretly wants to be Abby when he grows up. He can't quite walk up and down stairs yet - or at least these open steps freak him out a bit. But when he saw Abby chilling out by the staircase, he was crying to get near her too. Check out how Abby's just nonchalent in her "nyah nyah!" way.

On the yoga front, I practiced for the first time this week today. EEEK! But glad to report that all went well. The new shala I was looking forward to going to isn't open yet, so I went back to the old ashtanga shala I used to practice at. Felt a bit creaky in parts, but I went all the way up to Laghuvajrasana and went down and up and down and up a couple times. I think I actually rolled my eyeballs before I started this asana. No, I haven't conquered it yet, mentally.

Now here's my drishti question - I was going down fine and with control, and when I was at the point where I felt I couldn't go back anymore coz my legs couldn't handle it anymore, I found myself thinking "Do I need to tilt my head further back?" (as in: tilt chin up to the sky)... and I think my drishti was more like towards my nose than a few inches in front of it as suggested by Patrick. Then... of course I thought "TOO MUCH MENTAL CHATTER!"

And that was it today.


  1. Drishti = nose. Cross your eyes and hone in on it, it helps!

    Hank is too cute. I liked hearing your laugh, too!

    I think grownup animals are very tolerant towards babies of any species. We got a teeny tiny kitten when we had a golden retriever... about a hundred times her size. She used to hide in the edge of the sofa and take swipes at his nose as he came round the corner! Too funny! He was so gentle with her, though.

  2. Perfect, thank you! I was starting to "feel" the pose with nose drishti, then the mental chatter started and I doubted what I "should or shouldn't" be doing. :) Does it matter if the chin is tilted up or not?

    Funny about the kitten and retriever, I would love to see those pictures or videos! :)

  3. i don't think you could over load on such a cutie!! He is sooooooo adorable. I love tiny, baby animals.

    I had to picture myself doing Laghu... I'm pretty sure the chin tilt is in there- to help keep the chest open and up, shoulders back (this chest/shoulder opening thing was what used to plague me in this run of poses- but yoga did it's trick once again, I'm a million times more open!)

  4. Thanks Liz! (Knew I could count on you!) ;p Guess I been "doin it right" in the last laghu... it kinda felt more like it clicked but I just didn't trust myself enough.

    My allergies started up with Hank on Day 1. But I've been popping antihistamines daily (EEK!) and it's been fine so far. I was nuzzling up to him (something I know I should NOT be doing!) ...and paying for it now with hives all over my neck and shoulders. Oops. He's just too cute to resist though!

  5. OMG a French Bulldog!!! I absolutely ADORE them. My brother had one and she was a total cutie - the ex girlfriend got her in the divorce and I have no visitation rights :-(

  6. Haha, close V... it's a Boston Terrier. They've got ancestry in French Bulldogs, just less stocky and more lean. :)

  7. Really? He does look exactly like Petra did when she was tiny - the only difference I can see is that her ears were huge.


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