Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello from Cape Town!

I arrived yesterday morning, and was soooooo exhausted, I actually slept from 3.30pm until 7am this morning. How that is even humanly possibly, I have no idea. (While I applaud the consistently good service on Singapore Airlines, the movies this time were really CRAP. It's probably not their fault but... I had no choice but to watch old favourites like... er... "You've Got Mail". Tom Hanks looked extremely young in that flick.)

So... oh well, no practice this morning. My entire life routine is currently thrown out the window and my body's like... "huh?!"

We're spending most days at home with Kelly's dad, who's recuperating from his recent round of chemotherapy. Some days are OK, some days are not.

Hank is an absolute cutie and I've got some videos and lots of photos to share... just no time to upload them today.

In contrast to Singapore, where things seem to change every single year I go home to visit, Cape Town seems to be exactly as I remember it. Sure, there's lots more construction going on in preparation for the 2010 World Cup in June, but even with the new shiny hotels and malls, it all still seems to fit in nicely with the environment here. I mean, it was nice to come through the spanking new international airport they've built to handle the World Cup, but it was also funny to see that the new trolleys they've got have bits breaking off them (already), and mine was squeaking from a broken wheel. HAHAHA. It's still Africa, after all.

The one thing I really wanna do while I'm here is try and get a tour of the Green Point stadium done. This is the one they built for the World Cup (locals were up in arms about it while we were living here, and there were petitions to stop the stadium from being erected). As it turns out, it's not really THAT much of a monstrosity as predicted... and it's quite pretty... in a toilet-bowl rim kind of way. Heh.

They were doing tours while it was being constructed but I dunno if they're still going on. For some reason the official Green Point Stadium website seems to be down, the phone number & email address of the person who runs the tours no longer seems to be working... so, I suppose... WELCOME BACK TO AFRICA!! Hahaha.

We might take an afternoon drive there today to see if we can find out more about these tours. Apart from Table Mountain, this stadium's now the next biggest thing in town (I think it seats about 60,000 people).

(Photo credit here.)


  1. hi Skippety
    you've been posting some fab architecture in the last few posts. you must have an architect mind. i came accross that project this week when i was researching the work of an international firm for reference. it's neat.

  2. Only SOME local did not want it, and they were in the minority. The minority always seem to have more time to complain though.

  3. Hey Arturo! I'm in advertising... so I think I've got an appreciation of good aesthetics - whether it's anything from architecture to furniture to urban design or pop culture. (I also majored in Film and minored in Art History so maybe that adds to it?)

    And Anonymous - yeah, I remember it was funny when someone mentioned "what will they do with a 60,000-seater stadium after the World Cup? Hold school sports days?" Hahaha. I quite like it. It looks nicer from afar though. Upfront and close up, it looks a tad like a concentration camp. I think maybe coz it's still quite bare around the stadium, with no plants and there's still construction going on. It's quite imposing. WE GOT A TOUR OF THE PLACE BOOKED! Will update later tomorrow. :)

  4. Hello! I can't believe I dropped off the interweb and twitterverse for a couple of months only to visit for some yoga inspiration to find you have moved to Cape Town!? Looks beautiful. You sound like you are handling the upheaval beautifully. Best of luck!

  5. Hey Sandra! I'm back to visit for a few days, but will be off again to Europe as I'll be taking on a freelance gig there. More updates to follow later. :)

  6. Hi Skippetty

    I'm now in Melbourne and sad not to have caught you in CPT.

    They can bloody well use the stadium to play rugby after the World Cup is all I can say.

    Happy practicing.




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