Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moved (Again!)

I'm still alive. Looked up for a quick breath and suddenly... it's THURSDAY ALREADY?!?

Good news is I'm finally out of the little hotel and into an apartment. It's really pretty and facing one of the canals (photos to come in the next few days). And this made a big difference to my yoga practice this morning. (I could dropback and stand back up with no problems and no worries of whacking into stuff around me!)

The apartment was "cleaned" before I moved in, but er... I'm super anal and think I would've done a better job than whoever cleaned it.

I mean... seriously, there was a skid mark in the loo. SERIOUSLY BIG SKID MARK. And it took me like... 5 minutes of scrubbing with the toilet brush to GET SOMEONE ELSE'S SKID MARKS OFF THE TOILET!!!


I was simultaneously grossed out and laughing at the situation at the same time the whole time I was scrubbing the loo. YUUUUUUUCKS!! (Thank goodness I found the toilet brush, I suppose? It would've been completely disgusting-overload if there hadn't been a brush).

Oh, not to mention I saw a clipped toenail in front of me on the floor when I got to the seated poses in today's practice. EEK! OK OK, I'll stop grossing you out now, I've just got a bit of the heeby-jeebies with this (not very clean) cleaning person.

I've not even been here a week, so I'm still trying to find my routine (which includes updating this site). And in between packing up and moving and the whirlwind of new things happening everyday... I'm glad I've got this practice to ground me. Only had time for Half-Primary today up til Navasana.

But it's definitely helping me to keep my head together.

Will post more pictures of the apartment and new practice space in the next few days. Hope you have/ had a good Thursday!


  1. hahahahahahahaha everybody loves a post about skid marks!!! I am so the same though, it is my most hated thing, I mean really - what sort of a person leaves it like that?? let ALONE the cleaner leaving it too!
    Looking forward to the pictures of the apartment, what with all the changes, moves, new job and complete change of weather I am seriously impressed that you are even still breathing let alone blogging & practicing too - Jaime you rock! :)

  2. Thanks for your cheerleading, Mel! Aww shucks. ;p I was scrubbing away at that loo I couldn't help thinking "Yeah, this is me. Livin' the dream, man."


  3. I hope you have some rubber gloves! They help me get through anything disgusting (10 years working with kids who needed help with various disgusting things taught me how a barrier of rubber sure makes things better).

    I have to re-read your posts. I think I missed something. You LIVE in Amsterdam now? I thought... oh, never mind. Let me go back and catch up!

    That nail clipping is almost equal in grossness to the skid mark.

  4. duh! I totally missed the post where you explain the freelance position. That's actually REALLY exciting!! I'm so jealous of your globe trotting ways. I'm so boring.

  5. Rubber gloves are a fab idea. I found some under the sink. But er... I think I will need to run out and buy MY OWN PAIR of gloves coz even those ones look manky! ...travelling is a part of my job. Don't be jealous coz at this point I just wanna stay put somewhere for a while but I don't think it will be happening. I've just had more news which I will write about tomorrow. Yes, it involves uprooting again. Just when I've just unpacked everything!!


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