Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Apartment: Part 1

It's been just about a week that we've moved into the apartment, and I think we're just about settling into it now. What's great is the place came fully furnished (down to the brand-new shrink-wrapped fluffy white slippers stolen from hotel rooms in the bedside table drawer. It's exactly what I would've done!) (stolen the hotel slippers, that is).

Besides plodding on in the job hunt for the past week, it feels like I've been shopping everyday. Don't get too excited - this is the boring kind of shopping... the "gotta fill up the kitchen pantry!" kind of shopping. And of course even with the lists I make, I get side-tracked and inevitably have to go back to the shops again the next day for whatever I missed out. Thank goodness the supermarket is literally across the road from us... in fact we've got TWO! A Coles and a Woolworths (completely different from the South African Woolworths.) Produce here, surprisingly, isn't as fresh and tasty as it is in S.Africa... but that's a story for another time.

So we packed up our stuff last week from the serviced apartment and managed to hail a station wagon cab. Just as well we did, seeing the number of bags we had.

There's a technicoloured fountain outside the foyer. It's very DRAMA. And even changes colour throughout the day. In the mornings, it's blue. In the evenings, it's pink. If I come across other colours, I'll be sure to post it up. It's one of those so-ugly-till-it's-almost-pretty things in life...

These are pictures of the place the very first night we moved in. I'll take more daytime pictures when I've got the time.

Ever his plebian self, Kelly made himself right at home since he was hot and bothered from lugging all the bags up.

This is the beautiful mail room.

And how's this for the daytime view?

We haven't got a clock in the house yet, so the Town Hall clock below us will just have to do for now.

(The green roof behind Town Hall is the QVB mall)

Will have more daytime photos of the apartment, plus the gym. Oh, and if you thought the fountain was drama, wait till you see the pool.

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