Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

Sorry, been really slack with the updates. The thing is, we no longer have wireless in the apartment. There is wireless connection in the common areas of our apartment building, but they make it really uncomfortable for you - providing benches with no back rest so you can't spend too long at any one point in time. (I guess there's no such thing as "Free"!) So I haven't been bothered to upload photos and write long blog posts.

Last weekend, my aunt & uncle were in town to visit (yes, Bee's parents). They'd spent a month on the Queen Mary 2, travelling from Chile, round South America up to LA, then coming down via Hawaii, New Zealand and ending up at the Sydney Harbour. So we were invited round to their house for a gorgeous home-cooked meal.

Chicken rice, cold drunken chicken, garlic spinach, ginger-banana prawns and ter-kar (I think that translates as pig's trotters... although it's really braised pork in vinegar). I don't usually eat that stuff, but man oh man, my aunt's a great cook and it was virtually fat-less (or so I'd like to think). It was quite the treat!

On top of this, she had baked a pandan chiffon cake for us to bring home.

We were so greedy, we had half the cake the same night, and I polished the rest off for breakfast the next day! (in my defense, it's an extremely light, sponge cake). Plus, I hadn't had this stuff in like, 2 years!!

Then my friend Ewok brought round yet another cake since it was my birthday a couple days ago. I think Hugo was more excited at the thought of blowing out the candles! (Don't let the number of candles on the cake fool you... I'm older than that).

And Hugo promptly made himself at home, bringing his bowl of grapes right up to the best view in the house.

I had so much cake in the days leading up to my birthday, that the night before the actual day, my digestive system gave up on me... I ended up throwing up everything all night from major indigestion. Haha! Talk about being a major piggy!

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