Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Hugs & Kisses" - Bye Bye Cape Town Party

We had our farewell drinks party on Saturday... of course it was at Asoka - we hardly get out and this is the only place we know! (and it helps that one of Kelly's friends owns the place). ha.

We got there with Fabio, Kelly's best friend at 7.30pm. Yes, it was still light and we were the only dweebs there.

An hour later, we were getting nervous that no one had turned up yet, and perhaps no one would pitch up? Argh! Since it was getting windy outside, we moved the yet-to-show-up party inside... and that seemed to change the fengshui a bit coz then people started rocking up. (Maybe Capetownians are just fashionably late)

Jacques with my yoga buddy, Anthea. Isn't she gorgeous?

And then from out of nowhere, the entire party shows up and we had a great night. I usually park my bum in a corner and chill there the whole night, but since we were the hosts, how could I not mingle?

Kelly kept getting in the way when I tried to take pictures of Nicky & Wayne.

Prabashan not being his usual self:

Prabashan back to normal, with his Blue Steel:

(You might remember him from when we went to the Loeries)

We had a blast! Thanks everyone for coming, we don't feel like losers now!'ll be sad to leave this fabulous bunch of people. :(

The stragglers at 3am...

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