Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday with Bee

Belinda's my little cousin who lives here in Sydney. OK, she's not that little anymore... she's grown up quite a bit and is working at an American bank. So while Kelly popped back into work today (yes, on a Sunday), she gamely picked me up and we hung out this afternoon.

First stop: Mamak in Chinatown. A Malaysian street-food place. She had the Nasi Lemak while I had the Maggi Goreng. That's literally instant Maggi noodles stir fried with all kinds of goodies like tofu, shrimp and egg. Dee-lish! We shared a Roti Canai too (or as it's called back home, "roti prata"). Talk about serious carbo-loading!

To be completely honest, my noodles were completely greased out but I'm not complaining, they were yummy! The best thing there was the Teh-Tarik. It was a nice familiar taste of close-to-home. Plus, she's such a sweetie, she insisted on paying for lunch. Damn, should've ordered more!

Since we were in Chinatown, we walked around the streets for a bit, and Bee was shocked that while we went to Paddy's market yesterday, we didn't even check out the fresh fruit & veg section. I hadn't known it existed! This place is literally like a wet market back home, with EXTREMELY CHEAP produce. I mean, I bought 4 peaches for 80 cents. ?!?? It was more than double the price at Coles supermarket!

Then we took a drive to Clovelly Beach, a few beaches south of the famous Bondi.

(that's been the colour of the sky the entire week... it's a stormy Sydney!)

This is the view on the other side where we were, of another suburb, Coogee.

Tucked away in a little alcove was the actual beach. Yes, it's a TINY little sliver of a beach, quite protected from the elements, with a small pool right next to it.

The local bowling club.

And how's this for a prime piece of real estate, forever and ever, amen?

We actually cut through the cemetery to get to Bronte Beach... anyone would tell you I'm the biggest chicken-shit ever, and wouldn't have done this walk if it were in the middle of the night... but it was rather peaceful during the day, with many people jogging and walking through here. I half-expected ghouls to rise up out of the ground a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it was kinda weird. It also felt a bit strange taking pictures of the tombstones. I truly meant no disrespect!

We ended off at Bronte before it was time to head back again.

Bee had just been home for Chinese New Year, so it was great catching up on the family goss, finding out who's doing what and who's seeing who now. I've just realized now how out of touch I've been on the other side of the world!

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