Monday, February 2, 2009

We've officially MOVED OUT!

Today was a pretty overwhelming day. I was looking forward to a day of NO WORK! (Last Friday was my official last day at work)... but of course there are last minute errands to run... stuff like closing the bank account, ending the cell phone contract, exchanging foreign currency... I don't even want to get into the foreign exchange controls in this country and the number of ridiculous proof of this-and-that you need to provide. Suffice to say I haven't managed to change any Rands at all into Ozzy dollars coz I've shipped off some parts of the necessary documentation (why would I have kept 3 months of pay slips on me?!)

We ended up running back and forth to the Gardens Centre THREE times today coz first it was Kelly's flight ticket that he forgot to bring as proof, then next it was his passport coz an ID book wasn't enough. Infuriating!

I stopped by the office again at 4pm for afternoon tea coz the girls from the TV department wanted to see me before we left, and I was showered with so many gifts I was so touched! They gave me a beautiful eco-friendly notebook made from recycled paper and a big chunky necklace (the kind I like!), and one of the senior producers gave Kelly and I a gorgeous little Tibetan angel made from an iridescent material so it picks up the light and colour of whatever environment it's in - stimulating the 7th & 8th chakras. My production assistant then gave me a silver bracelet and a pink pearl bracelet and a little sequin crown notebook (in pink of course). All such gorgeous gifts, I was so amazed and touched... and also very sad to leave such a wonderful group of people to work with.

I raced back home as we had to hand over the keys to our tenants as well... and it's really sweet coz an hour after we left they texted and asked how to turn on the gas stove. And then the next sms was "do the pots go on top of the glass?" ...our stove is a regular gas stove that has a glass cover which doubles as extra counter space, but it's a regular stove where the pots go on the metal grill when you're cooking... but they thought you had to put the pots on the glass to cook! Nice to know they're getting settled in and making the space theirs.

I dunno where I'm going with this post. I'm sitting here at Kelly's dad's desk (we're staying here until we leave on Wednesday), and feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Excited, nervous, exhausted, happy, sad... I go through the entire range of emotions in one day, and it's been like this for the past 2 weeks. I guess it's all part of change.

I'm tired. Going to bed. It's only 9.20pm

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