Thursday, February 19, 2009

...Of 2-year olds, job hunting & apartment rentals

On Monday, I went to visit one of my old friends from college, Woks. She lives here in Bondi. And that's not her real name. It's just short for her nickname, "Ewok". Don't ask.

She's got the cutest, smartest little 2.5 year old son, who took about half an hour deciding if he liked me or not, and then decided after that he really, REALLY liked me and was trying to get my attention for every single thing he did that day. I dunno if you've ever spent an afternoon with a 2.5 year old. And a hyperactive boy at that. It is freaking exhausting!'s such a cliche, but much as I had a great time playing with him, I was so glad to hand him back to his parents afterwards! :p And yup, that pretty much confirms my theory that I'm gonna wait a looooooooooooong time before having any kids. (Sorry mom, you've gotta look to Ben & Dee for grandkids if it's any time soon!)

He's really too cute and I love him to bits... especially when he put on my trainers and was clomping around the house with them on.

Apart from that, I spent the last couple of days in meetings... meeting up with a headhunter and two agencies. Both weren't hiring of course as they'd just gone through a round of retrenchments, but it was good to get out there and meet them anyways, coz... I suppose you never know in this industry... if they win an account, suddenly it's 'all hands on deck' and could need someone quickly.

This is probably gonna be boring stuff, but bear with me, it's what I've been going through the past week... the headhunter says I've got a good CV so shouldn't worry about getting a job. BUT... I've contacted about 10 of the major agencies so far and only heard back from... TWO! (who aren't even hiring!) ...she says it's just the way things work here... that the Ozzies are a little more laidback and I've just got to chill a bit. Imagine that. Now that's really gonna test my patience. A quality I'm really lacking...

Funny thing is, coz I've already hit most of the bigger networks, there aren't that many left for her to help me with!

And since I've resumed my yoga practice again, I suppose that's a sign that I'm slowly getting settled and not too unfocused now. It's kinda interesting... I went from a 5 or 6-day a week practice to nothing for about 1.5 or 2 weeks, and coming back to it I actually feel a little stronger. I guess my muscles have had time to readjust. Or something.

...In other news, WE SIGNED OUR RENTAL LEASE!!! I've just come back from the housing agent with the keys in hand, and we might actually be moving in tonight. Apparently there are sheets and towels in the apartment already, so... BLISS! Stay tuned for more pictures of the place. (oh yeah, just found out there's also free wifi in the common areas, so this internet freak is sorted!)

Since this has been quite a random post, here's a random picture. It makes me laugh although this guy has skills!

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