Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ta-Dah, Here Comes My Bike!

...And I'm halfway between "I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!" and "What the fark have I done?!?"


So I have now graduated from my very first car, a classic shortfront Mini (complete with disco-ball hanging from the mirror)...

...To a Suzuki Jimny (when I got tired of driving stick-shift and wanted an automatic 4x4 with cup-holders. Hehe)...

...To taking public transport around in Sydney...

...To a push-bike. HAHAHA! Go environmentalism!
(Wait! Pictures to follow! I'm building the suspense...)

Getting a customized bike done is like working with a builder. It takes twice as long as they say it will. HA.

So one week became two weeks, but at least I've now got my bike. I picked it up this afternoon. May I remind you that all I did was give the dude references eg. "This is the kind of bike I like"... "These are the colours I like"... "Maybe this part should be pink, or that part should be black" etc. And away the dude went to source me a second-hand bike frame (knowing that I didn't want to get on a bike that was too high).

I had NO SAY in the frame he sourced, or what colours went where, since I kinda got the hint when I asked to take a look at work-in-progress and he said "You can pick it up in a week". He's a Monsieur L'Artist! So I left him to it and ventured over there today with butterflies in my stomach.

My initial reaction was "SUPER COOOOOOOL!!!"

I like how the frame's like a cross between a BMX and a Chopper. Kinda.

Check out the detail he went into with the bits like the pedal:

And my favourite part of the whole bike, the bell:

The dude was so sweet. He pointed to the hot pink rhinestone decorating the centre of the handlebars and said "I found that on the sidewalk and thought it would fit nicely."

Hehe, recycled through-and-through! Don't forget: My original plan is to add more rhinestones across the entire handlebars (the metal bits that are currently looking rusty). But now that this bike looks pretty LOUD as it is... I'm not really sure if I should! I'm feeling a bit chicken shit now. HAHAHAHA!

I have had loads of compliments from random strangers and people I know, and also gasps of horror from the boys at work (HAHAHA!) ...and now that 3 hours have passed, I'm slowly starting to get the sinking feeling of "HOLY CRAP! This bike is SO PINK!!!!" ...and I'm not sure if I'm gonna get a headache riding it around daily. Oh no, I'm feeling ill now. ("What have I done?!")

In a sea of dull, black bikes she sure is bright!

While parking the bike at home, I've already scratched part of the pink paint off the side of the basket. ARGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! ...Hmm, maybe I should just get the basket painted back to black. Maybe that's gonna tone it down just a little bit... Just enough for me to add rhinestones to the handlebars and not fear being OTT! Hahaha.

If you're looking for my dude, check him out at Recycled Bicycles. He sells and rents regular 2nd-hand bikes, and of course also customizes them if you want. They've also got a repair workshop with parts to service bikes. I like him loads - really friendly and a sincere vibe. To the point where if I decide to bring the bike back to get the basket sprayed back to black, I'm sure he won't mind! ;p

OK, I have to sleep on this and decide how I feel about it tomorrow. I like it. But it may just be a wee bit too much pink. ARRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! She is AWESOME. Cuz it's a SHE and a pretty Girly PUNK Rockin' she. Seriously. You need to name her.

    Not too much pink at all- she is UBER cool. I especially love the time and effort that he put into this.

    She has just enough pink to make her Rockin'.


  2. HAHA! Thanks! I am still sleeping on it. :p Hey, what does your bike look like, do you have pictures on your blog? Post a link!

  3. Bright, unique, delightful. I'd say she's just perfect for you!

  4. hehe- yup I have a few, but I think this one is better- http://ecoyogini.blogspot.com/2010/05/veronica-and-me-and-our-bicycling.html

    Her name is Veronica, she's purple and she's vintage :)

    however- if I lived where that dude is I TOTALLY would have gotten an awesome reclaimed bike!

  5. I

    It's such a low-rider. It has a lot of black to counter the pink, so I think you're fine. Why not use the pink basket until it's scuffed enough to make the change to black?

    I'm so jealous!!

  6. That is the bike of my dreams.

  7. Karen: Thanks, very sweet of yoU!

    Eco: Veronica's cute! And in your first post when you mentioned naming my bike, Veronica was one of the first names I thought of. But since that's the name of yours, I'm going for another one. My bike's apparently about 20 - 30 years old. Does that make it vintage too? :)

    Liz: Thanks! I woke up this morning, and it's STILL too pink. I think I'm really gonna swap out the basket for a black one. Also, the pink paint is getting EVERYWHERE! (I can't actually dump my bag in the basket without getting some pink on it... that doesn't really work, does it?)

    V: Thanks, that's awfully sweet. It's *close* to the bike of my dreams. Hahaha.

  8. Dear Skippetty

    i love it! i agree the basket going to black was a good decision.

    that bell would be stolen in a minute here.


  9. SHHHHHHH! Don't jinx it, Arturo! It's my fear too. People here have at least 2 locks on their bikes: a back lock, a chain-lock for the frame and front tyre, and some people even get a 3rd chain lock for the back tyre as well. So... unfortunately I can't chain my bell unless I superglue it down or something! Hahaha!


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