Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Physiotherapy Research Leads to Upside Down Yoga

I haven't been to an Osteopath or Chiropractor since I've been in Amsterdam, and I'm starting to feel the lopsidedness in my body start to act up again. (Also, remember when Teacher H could see how my left side was shorter than my right and pulled me straight again in backbends?)

The thing about living in a new and foreign place is - you've gotta start from scratch again with EVERYTHING.

Where the heck do I find an Osteopath here who also does dry-needling? I posed the question to my workmates who were all like "...What?! Talk English, woman!" I guess it's bordering on the WOO WOO stuff? (not really, not to me it isn't.)

...Thank goodness we're living in the day and age of Google.

The Dutch people seem to be REALLY into their physiotherapy. There are a GAZILION physiotherapists available here... so, I guess when in Rome... I mean, Amsterdam... Do like the Dammers do, right?

I searched high and low and finally found a Physio who also does dry-needling. WOOHOO! I've never ever had a physiotherapy session before, so quite curious to see how this will differ from Osteopathy or Chiropractic. (Thank goodness it's all also covered by medical insurance. OK, I see what my high taxes are going into now!)

What completely sold me on this place is - they also hold yoga and pilates classes... and not just any old yoga classes, dudes. They do AERIAL YOGA.

To be honest, I've heard of it but never knew what it's about (I assumed it was similar to Slackline Yoga). BUT... it's not at all! It's like yoga in a hammock! Check out the pictures from the physio's website!

That looks like incredible fun. And there's also this video on the Physio's site from The View.

Kinda sounds ridiculous right... One would usually go to a specialist based on other people's recommendations, but because this place does something as cool as Aerial Yoga, I figure - Hell Yeah! I'm gonna check you out.

My physiotherapy appointment is tomorrow and I'm gonna have a closer look and chat to them about their Aerial classes too - they've got one on Saturday mornings. Might be a nice break from Ashtanga, since that's the official day of rest for Ashtangis too. Get some upside down action going to lengthen out the spine!

What will they think of next? :)


  1. dear Skippetty
    they're so inventive over there. there where two of those swings at Open Door in San Francisco, where i first practiced when i moved there. several of our teachers would hang back dangling in the air from it sometimes, before practice.

  2. very cool!
    physios are SO knowledgable (well at least in Canada, it's a masters degree, other countries may be different).
    Aerial yoga looks fantastic, can't wait to hear how it went!

  3. I can't wait to hear about it either, it looks super fun!

    And of course, there will be photos?

  4. This is exactly like the OmGym that I've been dying to try. I don't know if I could install it in my apartment though and I don't have a suitable doorway for it. Keep us updated on how it goes!

  5. Hey Arturo, I suspect it may be an American invention. They have a knack of creating all kinds of different yoga-related styles! I just can't wait to do a handstand like the guy in the video - and hold it for a while (FINALLY!) :)

    EcoYogini, I'll let you know about this Physio! What I liked about my Chiro and Osteo is they had a very holistic approach to my issues - as in: it wasn't just "oh, you have a knot in your shoulder, let's make it feel better." That works for treating the symptom on a physical/ mechanical level, but then the problem comes back again. The Osteo/ Chiros I've been to could go to the source of the issues whether they were really mechanical/muscular issues, or whether they were emotionally-related. They could tell when i've had a stressful week and where I "store" tension - stuff that also happens on the subtle level. So... I'm hoping this physio won't just be all about "do this exercise and stretch that part out. Thank you, go on your way now". Know what I mean?

    Liz! HAHAHA! You know I'd LOVE to do that... but frankly, I'd be irritated if I went to a yoga class (albeit a fun one like aerial) and the chick next to me was snapping away. Like.. HELLO?! (I need to invest in a spy camera that doubles as a wrist-watch. HAHAHA!)

  6. Hi Kai! I posted just as you posted! OK... looks like I have a Saturday mission planned out already, thanks to you guys! ;p

  7. OMG I want one of those hammocks, like, now! A swoosh a day would work wonders for the mood I'm sure :)


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