Sunday, October 5, 2008

Super Fit Weekend...

Yesterday, I gave Kelly his very first yoga class of his life and he rather enjoyed it. (YAY FOR ME!) Considering what a fit gym-bunny he is, we had to take frequent rests during the Ashtanga series coming into child's pose, and we stopped at Navasana coz he was pretty spent. Fortunately, he actually wanted to go for a second session the next day. (DOUBLE YAY FOR ME!) Was afraid I'd turned him off yoga for good but I guess I didn't have to worry... :)

This morning, I went for a 1hr power yoga class and Kelly went to gym. Then, we went with Robyn & Margarita for a 2hr walk with their dog, Abby. (Jezebel the Maltese has a torn ligament so the poor princess couldn't come).

We walked from Clifton to the Sea Point Promenade, and Abby happily trotted along with us. She's a really cool dog who doesn't need to be on a leash except when crossing roads.

Found some random people, like this guy on the beach with his metal detector.

...wonder if his strange hobby has made him rich.

And the bird lady.

Abby wasn't really interested in other dogs and would politely sniff their bums if they sniffed hers, but she would happily trot along again within 2 seconds. No doggie dramas at all.

We were pretty spent after the 2hr walk (and the incline all the way back to the house in the final 20 minutes didn't help our tired legs)... so I don't think we managed to squeeze in Kelly's second yoga class this weekend. Slowly, slowly...

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