Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dear Amy.M.Hart...

...So I received an email from an amy.m.hart, but somehow when I tried to reply to the email address it kept bouncing back. Amy wanted to find out more about the Africa Yoga course and since I can't send a reply back to her and I think she might have a feed to this blog, here it is as a blog entry. ;p

Hi Amy!

Thanks for your note. It's definitely a course I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend, it's absolutely brilliant! There are about 7 teachers on the course, each with different backgrounds and philosophies and they don't always agree with each other - which is what they wanted to share with us as well... that yoga is a system that's 5000 years old, with many different schools of thought, so no one way is the right way. They wanted us to figure out for ourselves which beliefs resonated with us as individuals, since each path is different. This is what I found refreshing since too many different schools preach that only their way is the right way... which isn't necessarily so!

The teachers also fill the course with so much love so it's a warm, safe environment for you to let your walls come down. And for me, that's what yoga's about. This course was based around the ashtanga system, and we also touched on vinyasa and sequencing vinyasa classes. Yoga Alliance accreditation falls under the ashtanga/ vinyasa category.

The course is run by Maria Taylor of Africa Yoga. Her website here: http://www.africayoga.co.za/Teacher-Training/

She runs the course twice a year - in September and April, and there was mention on our course that the next April course might be in Uganda instead of S.Africa, I'm not sure what they eventually decided.

All the best, I hope this course is what you're looking for coz if it is, you're gonna have an awesome time! Let me know if you wanna find out about anything more!

Lots of love and light, Jaime.

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